Do you think it is the time for genderless identity?

  • We should all be considered humans not a puppet but people do identify with one gender so it's confusing

    I hate seeing transgender people get discriminated against when they use the bathroom maybe they should create a bathroom that says other for transgender I know labels are hurtful but at least it will help them. Churches started division when they divided into catholicism, Baptist, And whatever else they they think it says you shouldn't be divided or one sided in the church.

  • Yeah, No good reason not to.

    Honestly why does make it difference to you? You are not their doctor, Their friend, Their family, Or their partner. So why do you get a say in who someone else is? I don't think you do. You can't even understand simple science past grade three because it just makes you question yourself. Well, That sounds like a you problem.

  • Yes and no

    Don't get me wrong. I don't think that people that clearly are men or women should demand a gender less identity. But I think that people that are literally missing gender parts should be able to have that identity. Although most of them will base their identity with other traits that differ through gender.

  • No such thing.

    There is no such thing as "gender identity". Your either male or female depending on your actual gender. Being a man or woman is more than just basic appearance because men and women have many other differences such as puberty. Would a trans-female have the experience of having a menstrual cycle? What about the experience of having a feminine shaped pelvis? If a trans-male saw a man kicked in the groin, Could they sympathies with the amount of pain? NO to all of that. Fact is, They have no experience actually being that gender so they can't identify with or as them. Closest thing they can do is guess but that would not likely be even close to the actual experience.
    Hypothetically, Being born white. Could I identify as being black? What if I wore a wig and died my skin, Could I claim to be black then? No. I would at least be shunned by all races just for trying.
    Problem is, When some kids hear that you can be whatever you want when you get older, They take it to include gender.

  • There's only two genders.

    If you think that being genderless will solve anything than you're an idiot. The real world doesn't function by asking you what gender you are. If you're a male then your a male. If you're a female than your a female. If your transgender than you are mixed with both thats literally it. No need to make it more complicated than that.

  • A genderless society is fictional.

    Gender is a biological fact. There are illnesses that affect mainly women and other illness that affect mainly men. A women will never have problems with their prostate, Because they don't have one. A man will never suffer from ovarian issues, Because they don't have one. If a trans person goes to a doctor, They will have to get treatment according to their biological gender. Let's call transgender people what they are: mentally ill. It does a horrible disservice to transgenders to play along with their delusion. Just as we don't play along with the delusions of schizophrenics, We shouldn't play along with delusions of transgenders.

  • There is no point

    This gender theory just does not make sense. People seem to equate "gender" with personality, Which is wrong. You can be a feminine man or a masculine woman, But you are still a man or a woman. There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to present as androgynous, But you are still a man or a woman who likes to present themselves in a specific way.

  • Poopoo wee wee

    Poopoo weewee I have a penis and I am biologically a man but i feel like this society should be accepting and encouraging of my mental disorder known as gender dysphoria. If you believe in this bullshit you should seek help, Gender isn't a choice. But if i cuty off my peeny then i'm not either, You are still a male because wee wee poopoo

  • There are only two genders

    There are and only will biologically be two genders. No matter how much people modify their bodies and appearances, They will never truly be able to become the opposite gender, Or any other imaginary gender. Chromosomes are permanent and will always stay the same, Whether people want them to or not.

  • I do not think it's time for gender-less identity.

    It is obvious that your gender is either male or female(unless in some cases-both); however it does not seem best for gender-less identity to be an official thing as the world itself is not ready for it. For example, The world has not yet fully accepted gay rights or same gender sexual relationships. This would not work out and simply create havoc and riot. In conclusion, I think that maybe in future generations, Gender-less identity would be accepted; but that definitely would not be possible now.

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Spoilerina says2019-03-16T16:10:56.257
I'm not going to answer this debate, But I will say this: Neuroscience has proven that trans people are the gender they identify as.

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