Do you think it was a steal that the NY Jets picked up USC's Defensive Tackle Leonard Williams with the number 6 pick?

  • Yes, Leonardo Williams was a wise pick.

    Leonardo William's is highly regarded for the large number of tackles and sacks, ranking him as one of the top players in the draft. He is versatile, able to play in or outside the line. The Jet's have been noticed for having a strong defense line. It is my opinion that Leonardo Williams will greatly improve the Jet's defense line.

  • Leonard Williams as number 6 pick?

    Wow. I can't believe no one snatched Leonard Williams up before the number 6 pick. His Defensive tackle skills are to be envied by all. New York Jets totally got a positive bonus by this pick. What is USC going to do without Williams? The Jets won out in this one.

  • Yes, he will make an improvement to their defensive line.

    The Jets need a strong defensive line to make up for their weak offense. Leonard Williams will make a good addition to the team and will hopefully help the Jets obtain a winning record this year. He has a proven record of being good in his position and baring injury, will help out the teams overall performance.

  • What are player's really worth?

    Actually, I do not find any of the current salaries paid to these players as acceptable by any means. One has to ask, what actually is enough, and how much do these players think they are really worth? When you examine the credentials of the real people who make a real difference in peoples lives, particularly those with advanced degrees within a sophisticated culture, by direct comparison, something is very wrong with our perception of value.

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