Do you think it was appropriate for Donald Trump to ask "are we living in Nazi Germany" due to political opponents belittling his victory?

  • What's wrong, only liberals are allowed to call people Nazis?

    First of all what an unbiased headline for that article you listed. "Trump melts down" and then says... Exactly what all the liberals have been saying since he was elected. Personally I say to everyone stop comparing things to Nazis, other historical events have just as much merit. Was it correct to ask if we are living in Nazi Germany? No, not really, but is he correct to point out the all out attacks people are having against him right now. But understand something, he clearly wasn't being serious. All of the tweets included in this citation are of him defending himself, and trust me if he rolled over and let people throw such vile claims against him you know full well you wouldn't be calling him "thick skinned" you'd say that the false claims are clearly true and that he's not leader material because "if he can't stand up for himself how can he stand up for our country" or something along those lines. Tell me the mainstream media isn't trying to destroy him, tell me and give me proof that they are completely unbiased and factual when they report political fan-fiction of 4chan caliber. You guys have been calling everything he's said akin to Hitler or a neo-Nazi, he points out something that is closer to the truth (the fact that Nazis were big fans of publishing fake news and not the kind that all the liberal news sources vilified), you yell at him and say he shouldn't draw comparison from Nazi Germany because of how horrible it was.

  • Attributing Nazis to opponents are completely inappropriate

    Although I personally I do not have a side on whether trump is a good president, I believe that his remarks are repulsive. The Nazis were far worse than his opponents. While his opponents are just challenging his views, the Nazis annihilate them using brutal methods. Also, his comment does the opposite of what he intends, by calling them Nazis, he is actually going to attract more critics.

  • Trump's post was inappropriate, at best

    Donald Trump should not be allowed to post on social media as president (or president-elect). President Obama has used social media to great effect during his presidency, but many of Trump's comments are inappropriate for the leader of the free world - and our country. I am a Republican, and I always spoke critically of Obama whenever he would use divisive rhetoric. But Trump's social media postings (and actual words, in many cases), goes beyond divisive rhetoric to something worse: hissy fits and bullying.

  • Tump shouldn't be so thin skinned.

    Trump is the leader of the free world now. He needs to stop arguing back when people take shots at him. Also, Trump shouldn't bully businesses on Twitter if he doesn't like something that they are doing. That is not how things work in a democracy. Trump needs to be above it all.

  • No I don't think it is appropriate

    It is completely distasteful to bring Nazi Germany into things. What the Nazis did was horrific. People trying to belittle his victory is mainly bitter people, mostly in the mainstream media, it is silly, so he should just brush them off, not compare them to horrendous people from the past like Nazis.

  • Trump needs to learn to keep his temper under control.

    Trump's reactions to critics are not ideal for a President. He is going to face many critics and opponents over the course of his presidency and he needs to be able to handle them without making matters worse. Instead of being petty and saying something that is only fueling the bad press he's already facing he should have either ignored it or stuck with the facts.

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