Do you think it was appropriate for Susan Sarandon to shut down rumor?

  • Do you think it was appropriate for Susan Sarandon to shut down rumor?

    It was appropriate for Susan Sarandon to shut down rumors and clear the air. As an activist who witnessed what actually happened at the scene it was thoughtful of her to shut down unnecessary rumors. The presidential elections and the whole process leading to the elections is always marked with controversies and debates, therefore shutting down rumors is a helpful way of ensuring that the public are kept well informed.

  • Yes, it's appropriate for anyone to debunk a rumor.

    Rumors can be hurtful both personally and from a professional standpoint. If someone has information to debunk a rumor, it is absolutely within their rights to do so to prevent further destruction that could come from said rumor. Susan Sarandon had information to shut down a rumor and her decision to do so helped to prevent what could spiral into a huge controversy.

  • Celebrities have the advantage of access large numbers of the general public.

    When situations that suggest injustice or discrimination arise, it is important to get the real story. Celebrities have the ability to access a variety of media outlets and engage large numbers of people. Especially in a prominent public arena, such as a state caucus, rumors can be especially damaging and problematic to all those involves, if not properly addressed. I believe that Susan Sarandon's courage to step up and set the record straight is not only appropriate, but incredibly admirable.

  • Susan Sarandon Helped Shut Down A Crazy Rumor About Bernie Sanders

    People should be able to stand up for what they choose. If she wants to stand for Bernie, that's her prerogative. Its her opinion and people shouldn't hate on her for it. Everyone has a different opinion and that is hers. People should be more open minded and leave her alone.

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