Do you think it was right for Germany to ban Islamist 'True Religion' group, raiding mosques and flats?

  • Yes they do

    Islamists are causing a lot of trouble in Germany and many other countries. It is a violent religion and most muslims believe in the death penalty for gays and women who have been raped. Most of these refugees are really just immigrants anyway and are lying to get into the countries.

  • I think in a time of fear and uncertainty it may have been a right decision.

    Banning religious groups and raiding churches sounds like actions from movies but unfortunately in our time of increased terrorist attacks, these actions at taken out of fear and for the safety of citizens. Prevention is necessary and with good information and strong leads, steps like this must be taken. We must however not fall into the trap of isolating certain religious groups.

  • They are at war.

    There are many terrorists in Europe today. Europe can no longer prevent them from coming to Europe. They are already here. They have hurt many people with many terrorist incidents. It is all tragic. There is no shame in Germany doing what it needs to do in order to root out terrorism.

  • No, i disagree.

    No, It was not right for Germany to ban Islamist the 'True Religion' group. They did worse by raiding the mosques and their flats. Islamic is also a religion and the Islam believe in their religion just as Christians do. Therefore, they should be given the right to worship freely.

  • This increases religious and racial tensions

    Although Germany certainly has the legal right to ban this group, it doesn't help tensions in the area. When people feel like they are being marginalized or treated as second-class citizens, they tend to get upset and desire to lash out. In Germany and other places it's pretty easy to find a group that hates the West, and that's exactly where these fed-up people end up. And now because Germany is afraid of words and mottos, it may have to actually deal with violence in the future.

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