Do you think it was right for Woodrow Wilson's wife to have so much control when he was sick?

  • Yes she had to take care of him and step up!

    She did great! He did great. His wife knows him the best. . She protected and did what she thought was right for her country. I am proud of her. She helped with womens rights. SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT NOT TO BE A TRADITIONAL WIFE BECAUSE THEY SUCK!! And turning his wife into the figure head was a great idea. I'm glad she took control, she spoke out when needed. Best thing she ever did! Women should Be powerful and independent! That's what's best for society

  • Yes it was

    I will not say that it was wrong for her to have that much control when he was sick because I do not think it was wrong, I mean she was only trying to help her husband not to mention the country. Maybe she thought it was her duty to take control.

  • Someone Had to Take Care of Him

    Someone had to take care of Woodrow Wilson after his stroke. Who better than his wife? There was a country to run as well as a treaty to ratify. The meat of Wilson's presidency revolved around winning World War I, so luckily he had his ill health when no major military engagements were needed.

  • No,I do not agree that Woodrow Wilson's wife should have had so much control.

    Woodrow Wilson's wife should not have had so much control while Wilson was sick.The people elected Wilson,not his wife,and the control should have been given to the next in line constitutionally.Mrs.Wilson should have just stuck to her domestic duties as a wife so she could avoid all the controversy that eventually ensued.

  • No but she did the right thing

    I don't think it was right for the first lady to have that much power. It goes against the set up of the rules of presidency. However I do not blame her for her actions. She was doing what she felt was right for the country and trying to protect it.

  • That's What A Vice President Is For

    I do not believe it was right for Woodrow Wilson's wife to have as much control as she did when he was sick. Personally, I believe that is what the Vice Presidency is for, to have a back up in the event that the President can not fully carry his weight. They should have pushed the Vice President up for an interim amount of time, instead of turning his wife into a figure head for him.

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