Do you think it was right that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard posted photos of their newborn son on social media so quickly?

  • It's just a baby

    No one's going to recognise a newborn anyway. It's really not a big deal. And I am very doubtful that the baby cares. It's their baby, and there just photos. Calm down people, These people are proud, why shouldn't we let people celebrate how happy they are? Just my opinion...

  • Too Soon To Post

    It is becoming an epidemic for young people to post pictures of themselves, family members, animals and places on social media. It is a shame when you have people like, Jill Duggar, who just gave birth to openly share their pride and joy all over the Internet like the plague. The baby has no say in the matter. People need to watch posting pictures of children under the age of 12 because you never know what sick individual has the mind to kidnap your child or stalk your child, as pedophiles usually do.

  • Proud parents who choose to share their blessing to the world.

    I feel that the new proud parents have the right too post photos of their new born son on social media. They have the right to post family photos, as well as personal photos if they so choose. If they wanted to share photos of their new son, this is because they are proud to share their blessing to the world, regardless of how soon the post appeared.

  • The Duggar family are too concerned about notoriety and fame.

    The Duggar family once again proves that nothing is sacred. They appear to be in the business of making children, not to love and support them, but to gain notoriety. During those first moments, Jill and Derick should have been bonding with their newborn child, but instead they were too focused on themselves by choosing to post on social media so soon after the birth.

  • Jill likes to do things Quick.

    Lots of people post pictures of the baby right way. She also likes to things quick for example when she married to her husband in less then a year. That being said parenting magaiznes to warn,"Fundamentally, I have
    an issue with overexposing children to the opinions of other people.
    Will it affect the way my child sees herself if she’s expecting likes
    and responses to her every action and facial expression".

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