• I do think it was wise of Fox to make the decision to let Glenn Beck go.

    I do think it was wise of Fox to make the decision to let Glenn Beck go because the network is basically concerned about the overall impact of his show. While his individual show is successful, it also caused waves, which affected the station overall in the negative impact of sponsors and consumers. A television station is always concerned about image as it is a business so it was wise to cut ties with one person than cut ties with a lot of people that will ultimately hurt the station.

  • yes- i believe it was the right decision

    I believe it was the right decision. Glenn Beck was very unprofessional and biased in his way of presenting his news stories. Journalists are not supposed to allow their personal opinions to influence the way the news is presented. There are appropriate places to place your opinions but not on the news.

  • It was wise to fire Beck

    Glenn Beck is very popular, but his popularity had started to wane. At the same time advertisers were dropping his show which cost Fox money. The Beck show had diminishing returns for Fox, so they did the economically rational thing by firing him. If the show is not making much money and causing lots of headaches, it isn't worth keeping.

  • He was already

    Making a fool out of him self fox looks stupid enough already they needed to dump him before the entire station got screwed up. He was was in my opinion going crazy and a crazy person is the last thing Fox needs. I'm pretty sure he even upset other show anchors and employees.

  • It had no backlash:

    Glenn Beck was fired two or three years ago. His resurfacing in the news is more or less a ploy than it is really a "media issue". He's been off the radar literally for an eternity in the entertainment and media business and with no readily apparent backlash there's no particular error in judgment to be had.

  • Glenn Beck was amazing!

    Fox News, really why would you do this? Glenn Beck was an icon and had a following bar none. Letting him go was really a bad move on your part. Some will argue "thank God he is gone" but honestly whomever picks him up will see a ratings boost immediately.

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