Do you think it will create an unfair monopoly over the market if Comcast purchases Time Warner Cable?

  • Comcast creating a monopoly

    How can the number one and two cable networks combining not create a monopoly? Cable companies already have mini monopolies and charge outrageous prices for both television and Internet services. Reducing this segment by another company will just add fuel to the fire in my opinion. The FCC has to see this as a pro big business and anti consumer move. I am sure the thought of having millions more consumers to gouge, just makes Comcast drool.

  • Comcast and Time Warner will unfairly control a majority of the cable market

    Bringing two of the most powerful cable companies together to profit as one will create an unfair monopoly because according to studies, this one company will control 65% of all the cable access in America. This leaves only 35% to be harnessed by a multitude of service providers, and leaves little room for competition.

  • Comcast and Market Monopoly

    The companies Comcast and Time Warner Cable are huge industry leaders. They already take up much of the market, and shape how cable and broadband internet steaming are doled out. This merger would lead to Comcast having soul decision making on the way we receive our network television content, and online media.

  • They will have it all

    Yes, if this company buys out Time Warner cable, i think they will have to much power in this market, and will have no real competition. Something needs to be done so that they either do not buy them out, or that a new company steps up as a competitor.

  • It can be a monopoloy

    I think that standard cable is actually becoming more and more of a monopoloy depending on where you live. People will say that there are a lot of internet and satellite companies that can provide internet, but that's the not same thing. When it comes to just basic cable, it's a monopoly.

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