• Bribing Children Works

    Psychology shows the benefits of positive reinforcement being a much stronger factor of learning than negative reinforcement. A bribe does not have to be money. You can bribe a child with allowing extra TV or videogame time for having a clean room, or Pizza Fridays given that they complete all their homework that week. Not everything should be a bribe, as they would grow up expecting a reward for every action they do, but the occasional bribe of a treat can do wonders.

  • Yes, I see no problem with bribing.

    I do not see anything wrong with bribing your children as long as you keep it in perspective and only do it once in a while. While our goal is to teach our children to become responsible adults, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little good natured bribery every so often.

  • No, it is never acceptable to bribe your children.

    Bribing a kid might help a parent get their way, but it will just cause more problems in the future. It is important that parents teach their kids how to behave or do their duties without having to be bribed. I think that parents who bribe their kids are the cause of a lot of people these days being spoiled.

  • It is not accepatble to bribe children

    No, I do not believe that it is acceptable to bribe children. A child should listen to their parents without the parents giving them anything in return. A child should remain in a child's place. It is not good parenting to give bribes in order to attain a child's obedience.

  • Lessons From Our Achievements

    Children are difficult for adults to handle at any age and even with two parents involved, but bribing is an unhealthy practice regardless of who its being used on or why. Like the difference between fanaticism and addiction, bribing versus rewarding teaches a child that they do not need to earn something they want, they simply need to want it and demand it enough. Part of the issues our credit system is facing after the collapse is the lack of knowledge on the parts of spenders who never learned how to control wants and simply gave into indulgences. Those types of mindsets, self-control and delayed gratification as well as earning a reward through work or good behavior, are learned very early on. Even in older children who have not been bribed before, once the cycle of unhealthy giving for the sake of obedience begins, it is nearly impossible to curb at home. Bribing is illegal in the adult world; why would we use something illegal in the adult world to get our children to behave? That sends a message about the parents’ mindsets as well as setting the children up for a very nasty shake into reality.

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