Do you think it's better that shooter San Bernardino shooting suspect Farooq Saeed was taken dead by the police?

  • The Precedent Has Been Set

    Yes, it most certainly is better that Syed Farook and his wife were taken dead by the authorities, as this action and outcome set a fine precedent for what other like-minded terrorists might expect, when and if they determine that they are going to strike out on American soil. It is unfortunate that so many innocent people had to die. However, this blight upon the pages of our collective, American history will undoubtedly lend to the development of even greater measures to detect, track and prevent such individuals from enacting similar atrocities in the future.

    The people of San Bernardino may be mourning at this time. However, they can take pride in the fact that their police department and its accompanying task force were well prepared to deal with this tragedy in a thorough and effective manner. No, they were not able to predict or prevent the couple's homicidal spree, but, once the horrors of their plan began to unfold, the authorities went to great lengths to locate, apprehend and neutralize the threats that the community faced. This un-holy act of terrorism was met with a cohesive team of trained law enforcement professionals who were not afraid to step in and do their jobs, and they did their jobs well, from the recognizance team to the responding officers that fired the rounds that ultimately took this barbarous team out.

    'Be wary,' is the message being sent here, and, 'understand that, in our land, you - the terrorist - are the infidel.'

  • San Bernardino shooter Farooq Saeed dead.

    It is better for police to shoot Farooq Saeed, than to let him shoot other people for no reason at all. The shooter also could have shot the policemen as well. This was a senseless shooting. There were so many people killed and it just does not seem to stop.

  • No, He may have been able to provide info.

    I don't think it's best he was taken dead. He may have been able to provide additional info about future terrorists or terrorist attacks. In addition, he deserves to live his entire life in prison and not get the easy way out. I don't believe it's good he was able to die that easily for "his cause."

  • No, I do not think that it is better that the San Bernardino shooting suspect was taken dead by police.

    No, I do not think that it is better that the San Bernardino shooting suspect was taken dead by police . First, many of the young men that commit these mass shootings seem to know going into them knowing that the mission is suicidal--in fact, they frequently kill themselves before the police can. Arresting them, having them stand trial and confront what they've done, and then placing them in a life sentence for prison would be a far greater punishment to them.

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