Do you think it's easy for stars like Teresa Giudice to share their personal lives with their fans?

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  • Personal Lives are not for the Famous

    Celebrity status gives people a lot of pluses to life but there are also downfalls. Privacy is not guaranteed and stars should be willing to share it with the public. Privacy should not be a guaranteed right especially when they choose to be a reality type star. At that moment any privacy rights are clearly given up.

  • Sharing your personal life is difficult

    Stars like Teresa Giudice (Real Housewives of New Jersey) have a difficult time sharing their personal life in my opinion. People want and should be able to keep some information private about their lives, but these reality shows and their followers thrive on sharing personal information. What definitely makes it easier is that they are profiting tremenduously off sharing this information, so much so, that they can probably ignore the opinions of others because they are getting rich by simply sharing informaiton.

  • There is no contract voiding privacy

    People in the public eye have some expectation of sharing details of their private lives with fans, but there is not a contract requiring that every detail of their lives fall within the domain of their fans. Even stars, athletes and celebrities, except those that voluntarily let cameras into their private lives have the right to privacy.

  • I don't think so

    I don't think it's ever truly easy for a celebrity to share their personal lives with fans. You're asking them to spill their deepest emotions, experiences, and personal issues with people they really don't know. I can't imagine that would ever be an easy thing to do. It's hard enough to share certain things with people you know.

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