Do you think it's fair for some states to have laws against Thanksgiving shopping?

  • Yes, fair on all grounds...

    I don't think "shopping" altogether should be banned, especially if it's a gas station or convenience store, however I personally feel that big chain mega retail stores should not be allowed to open on Thanksgiving Day. Anytime after 12:00am... Okay, but give employees and their families a chance to spend time together and make fun-lasting memories. IMO that's more important then going out to buy some TV or the latest iPhone. It can wait.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Yes, it can be seen as a form of necessary crowd control.

    Yes, Thanksgiving shopping has really become more and more of a potential danger to members of the community. With oversubscribed shop floors, trampling and pushing has become a normality. This can lead to severe injuries and I strongly believe a state has the right to publish laws that help to alleviate the causes of this congestion.

  • Yes, I think that this is fair.

    Yes, I think that it is fair for some states to have laws against Thanksgiving shopping because Thanksgiving is a holiday that is supposed to be spend around your family and friends and going out shopping is taking away from the holiday and it should be on its own seperate weekend then thanksgiving.

  • It is a national holiday, not a state holiday.

    Thanksgiving is a celebration of what we as citizens of the United States if America enjoy. And with that being said, it is absolutely unacceptable for one state to ban the celebration of Thanksgiving. It is a national holiday and therefore should be celebrated as a nation without laws depending on your state.

  • No, it's not fair for states to have laws against Thanksgiving shopping.

    Given the incredible emphasis we as a country place on individual freedoms and especially the freedom to engage in economic activity, it's really quite shocking that some states would curb such activities by forbidding Thanksgiving shopping. It may be understandable that they want to preserve the spirit of the holiday, but ultimately their efforts are misguided.

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