Do you think it's fair for Trump to levy personal attacks on an opponent who needed to take a bathroom break during a debate?

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  • Not at all.

    That's pretty low. You should only attack someone when they are there to defend themselves. Even school children are taught this. It's becoming more and more obvious what jerk Trump is. Hopefully more people see this before the nominations take place. If not we are in for a world of trouble.

  • I do not agree

    While I do not think that candidates should be able to take a bathroom break during a political debate, I also do not think that personal attacks are warranted. Stick to the facts and issues. I disagree with bathroom breaks in general because it gives the candidates time to collect their thoughts - they should be ready with all thoughts at the beginning of the debate.

  • No, a candidate taking a bathroom break should be a non-issue.

    Hillary Clinton went to the bathroom during a scheduled commercial break. She did not walk out during the debate, and she intended to be back directly, but encountered a long line. These things happen in live television. For Trump to attack her for this, calling it "disgusting" and acting offended by a normal biological function, was immature. His words betrayed that he had no substantive arguments against Hillary and had to resort to childish personal attacks.

  • No, Donald Trump should draw the line at attacking someone over needing the bathroom.

    Donald Trump is making headlines and gathering supporters, in part, because he speaks his mind and does not pull punches. However, cutting the commercial break short was a faux pas on the network's part and the fact that everyone uses the bathroom makes it seem like Donald Trump is taking his personal attacks a little too far. Also the way he attacked Hillary seemed over the line and he could have brought it up in a more professional manner.

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