Do you think it's fair people permanently disqualified from the military are penalized? (They don't qualify for Veteran's Preference, nor the GI bill etc...

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Do you think it's fair people permanently disqualified from the military are penalized? (They don't qualify for Veteran's Preference, nor the GI bill etc...
  • Why would they?

    People who serve in the military get perks because they were hired to do a job that could result in their death at a very young age. They also get paid very little to do it. Let's do a little comparison.
    The starting pay for a Private in the Army is about $17,611 per. Year. That is about the same as a person making $8.50 per.Hr. Gets working full time (40 hrs. Per. Wk.). If you consider the fact that they work about 56 hrs. Per. Wk. That means that they are probably getting less than minimum wage. Sure, that includes room and board but it's not like have your own place or your choice of what to eat. Your basically sharing a barracks with a large group and eating when and what they give you. As you progress in the military, you do get paid more but that is the same with most other jobs. You also get paid more for hazards such as being in an area with hostile fire but that also comes with the risk of being killed.
    This is the reason why they get the perks. They earned them. If you have not earned the perks, why should you get them? In the private sector, many jobs come with perks of their own. Would you expect someone who was not hired to get employee perks? To me, it just sounds like sour grapes as you think you deserve something that you have not earned.

  • I have recently (around a year now) retired from the U.S. Army but

    But I still must work in order to live and eat. My Retirement Check does not even cover my rent and I have been waiting for nearly a year my disability evaluation to be completed (JUN 2016) is the estimate I have been given. I am over 40 years old and am just now able to start college and use the G.I. Bill which I paid for at the going rate of $100 a month at the beginning of my service, my sanity, blood and fine motor skills. There are many reasons to be disqualified from military service, they can range from Medical/Psychological or physical to educational or legal discrepancies. After being evaluated at your local MEPs station it will be determined whether or not you qualify. If you do not qualify you will be given documentation explaining why. If for some reason you did not get those document your recruiter will be able to get them to you. If you choose not to change that part of your life then the blame is yours. As for your 12 hour shift complaint, I wish 12 hours was the longest shift I had to worry about, there are many times when I have pulled 24 hour shift and was required to stay at work for current day as well adding another 8 to 12 hour, and that was in Garrison. While deployed I had greater responsibilities and finding time sleep or crap not always both proved difficult. During these years my wife and children were unable to see me the kids thought the phone or computer was Daddy until they got older. If you ask me that alone is a steep price for my meager retirement check, 6% off at Lowes and cheap yet crappy medical insurance.

  • I've got nothing but respect for those that serve, but we do seem to forget about those not allowed to.

    This sounds like a silly opinion question however, it's one that is very near and dear to my heart. I am a person that was permanently disqualified from Military service, to this day I was never given a reason as to why, I appealed it all the way up to then President Bill Clinton" I received a reply from him in short order. Thank you for your interest in serving our great Nation, but I have to stand by the decisions of "My People"

    So, in short, I wasn't qualified for Military service but I was allowed to work on various government installations as a contractor, in fact, the government was even so inclined to order my company to force all of its employees on 12 hour shifts, which forced me out of school.

    Now, speaking of school, being as I wasn't in the Military, I wasn't able to get a GI Bill. Being as I'm not a veteran, I'm not entitled veteran's preference, can't get VA Home loans, Don't have access to the VA Hospital. That's just for being a veteran, I'm sure that's not an all inclusive list, factor in retirement, now you get discounted Air Fare, through use of Space A travel, get discounted lodging by being able to stay on a Military installation, Tri-Care (Cheap Insurance), and still I'm sure that there are more.

    On the private side, you have places live Lowe's, Bass Pro Shop's, Best Buy they give discounts to veteran's.

    Now what are the benefit's you get for being permanently disqualified "NONE", you still pay taxes to support the Federal Government, you chance at certain jobs is automatically reduced, Government Jobs, veteran's preference gives them anywhere between 5 - 10 points advantage, factor in a job that requires you to test, that does make a difference, you max possibility is 100 a veteran's may be 110. Etc...

    This sounds like I am protesting against our veterans, and I am not. I am envious of the work that they've been allowed to do. But, especially as I would have just reached minimum retirement age I have to admit does cause a bit of bitterness. (Just for anyone reading wondering how much time I committed to trying to enlist, I tried for 18 years)

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