Do you think it's fair to have special programs to promote women but not men?

  • In some jobs and in some places in the world women aren't treated equal

    Women's rights have come along way, but we still have a way to go. In school, many of the males sit there and say many sexist jokes and even grown men look down on women and girls. Women need these special programs to get help because of the fact that they aren't treated equal. And how's that fair? It's not!

  • I think it's fair

    Until we have equal rights as women, and are paid just as well for doing the same things and the same quality of work then it is fair. If we don't have equal rights, and don't have some sort of programs, how are we supposed to live? Depend on a man? Because we can really do that....(sarcasm)

  • Yes, this is fair

    Financially, women are at a disadvantage in the workforce. Women have lower pay and a lower hire rate than men. There is a harsher bias against women with children than men in children. People cannot change the internal structure of a workplace, so special programs are developed to change job bias from the outside in.

  • Promoting Women Isn't Wrong

    There wouldn't be a need to have special programmes promoting females if there was equality. The whole reason these programmes have been set up is to ensure that women get the equality we so wholly deserve. Men seem to already have it all and so there is no need for them to get any of this attention. This isn't a case of anyone being sexist, this is about abolishing sexism and creating equal world. It's about time people open their minds to what is happening in the world. I know of women who do not receive a job promotion because 1. Her competition was a male and 2. She was asked if she planned on starting a family. This is direct segregation and choosing the male candidate for security purposes. The female may have had all the exact same qualifications, maybe even have done a better job, but because she may want a family and would be taking time away from her work, she was not giving the opportunity to try.

  • I'm a victim of discrimination therefore discrimination is ok. What???

    How can all these people say it is ok based on the statement that it is because they are discriminated upon somewhere else. That's like saying discrimination is ok to correct another form of discrimination.
    This is the exact the kind of culture that is keeping us from ever achieving equality for all.

    Posted by: zoo
  • I don't think so.

    It's sexist. People preach about gender equality all the time. How is it equality if you put one group before the other, just because they have had difficulties in the past? I say nobody gets any special treatment for any reason, especially not women. This has been happening for too long.

  • When there are special programs promoting one gender, there need to be the same for the opposite.

    It has been a problem for years. There are programs in place for one gender and not the other. There need to be special programs put in place for the other gender if one is getting a special treatment. It works like this for gender and race. We will never find complete perfection, but we as humans need to always try to have the fairest possible methods.

  • I don't think its fair at all!

    I honestly don't think it's fair because, men are people too and they should have special programs to promote us too! We all know there's a huge sexist issue in our world but that doesn't mean that either one of us are right! We should promote both sex's but maybe in a positive way to help others!

  • No, I dont think this is fair.

    No, I dont think it is fair to have special programs to promote women but not men. Yes in some situations woman need a little bit more assistance then men but I think there should definitely be a couple things in place for when men are in the same place as women.

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