• A public life

    Being a celebrity definitely is comfortable on the outside. But, We don't realise the people, Media, Press, Paparazzi etc etc struggles after it. Soon, You will find that you have to be a different person in front of others. You want to be yourself, But you can't! It's really horrible. . .

  • Lack of Privacy and Perfectionism

    Celebrities are expected to be perfect in every way. Their body, Behavior, Words, Everything. Yes, Life is definitely easier, But their happiness cannot be bought by money. Look at Jonathan. Look at Jovan, And at Alexander. They all committed suicide. They are richer, Yes, But their schedules are always very busy, And if they commit one wrong move it gets tot he public withing a few minutes

  • Lack of privacy

    It must be difficult to be a celebrity. You are always in the public eye with your success as well as bad experience. Also, when those celebrities one day disappear from the scene, life is hard again. Most of them lead hard lives after once living glamorous lives. Most die alone

  • Yes Of course.

    They can't even use public toilet in emergency!
    There life will be hell totally.
    First of all there will be no privacy.
    Enemies increases.
    No tasty foods which a Coman man can have.
    Life sucks.
    For those who think that celebrities have a very great life first of all thank God for not writing our fortune as a celebrity.
    It is good only for thinking and seeing other celebrities rather than being.

  • Celebrity life is a challenge

    I think celebrities have a hard life beyond the fame and fortune. One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of privacy. You are followed and monitored everywhere you go. They track who you see, where you eat, what parties you attend. If you instantly do something bad it is reported on social networks and TV shows.

  • Yes, imagine having to look your best all the time.

    Yes, I think it's very hard to be a celebrity. They are constantly in the public eye, they have no private life, and their every move gets splashed on the front of a check out aisle newspaper. The privacy we take for granted is a luxury for them because reporters with cameras follow them everywhere. They always have to look their best and be on their best behavior.

  • Yes, it definitely is.

    Being a celebrity means being constantly in the public eye. Celebrities have very little privacy and are expected to never or rarely make mistakes or say the wrong thing. If they say something that goes against the general public opinion, then they are blasted in newspapers and social media, making it difficult to just live a life.

  • Celebrity Life Isn't Easy

    Although celebrities lives often look glamorous, effortless, and perfect, many celebrities struggle. For example, a woman just recently committed suicide even though she was very rich and popular. Money cannot buy happiness. Celebrities also have to deal with the extreme stress of being in the media everyday. They cannot live normal lives.

  • A celebrity life is easy

    A celebrity life is easy because you get special treatment, Being richer, Easily be recognised, Go on the news or shows, You get a lot of fans, They have youtube channels, You have a lot more oppotunitys in life, Being on popular brands and be on the front of magazines. So that is why a celebritys life is easy

  • Not in relation to other occupations

    Think about the med students and law students who will take their MCAT and bar exams, the soldiers who will be deployed into action, the farmhand who will have to work long hours in the field, the first responders who will have to assess every situation with diligence, the miners that risk their lives everyday for a minuscule wage, or the chefs who will have to cook each and every meal to perfection. There are so many other hard occupations that I haven't mentioned. And then there are celebrities. Highly overpaid for what they do, especially socialites, the human version of wasps. Beings that only take from society and don't contribute anything in return. They may not be able to live normal lives but they certainly chose that lifestyle. If they don't want to be on the covers of tabloids, all they have to do is shut their mouths! Wow! Maybe if all celebrities today acted like normal humans who aren't egomaniacal or narcissist, they wouldn't be resorting to narcotics and committing suicide. I'm not saying that all celebrities are bad people but those who complain about the "hard life" they live obviously forgot what it's like to be in the shoes of an average individual.

  • Yea.. I don't think its hard to be a celeberity relative to normal life for most people.

    You have to have a really busy schedule, but then again if you don't have a busy schedule (being productive) ini your normal life and you aren't financially fortunate than you won't be successful. In regards of being in the public eye, I agree, but its the same as what leaders (vice president,president at all levels face). If you are naturally well behaved then this isn't a problem, however what everyone has inc ommon is that they will have their breakdown period, which as a celeberatiy will be much harder to hide. If you are comfortable with sharing this with your fans (Ex: Coby Brian-Lakers) then it won't be a problem. I think a stripper has the same issues to face.

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