Do you think it's important to follow the rating system on video game ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • I do agree

    I am not saying it causes all the violence in the world or anything like that. However, I do agree that it would corrupt the minds of younger kids (rated T is not that big of a deal for younger kids), especially M rated games like GTA that can influence crime and that such because of the nature of it.

  • Yes it's very important

    Since now a day as you can see nobody seems to care about rating system that is given in video game.And later on if that person becomes violent or aggressive they blame everything on video game.Kids play mature games which isn't design for them and parents even doesn't care.Some country doesn't have regulation on this at all.SERIOUS GUYS WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS THING SERIOUS.IT NOT FUN.If you don't want to become aggressive or violent then please follow the rating system.THANK YOU.

  • Case by case

    The rating system is too spread out to be followed to the letter. It jumps from 3 to 6 to 10 to 13 to 17 to 18 so anything deemed inappropriate for a 13 year old will be labeled 17+. I think that parents should look more at making sure their kids are mature not impressionable not violently and can distinguish between real and fake

  • Eh not really

    Video games are video games. They are not like real life. Its just like your playing a movie. I am allowed to play rate m and I love it. I used to not be able to and I about died. I love video games and I could not survive without them. It's not that important to play bad games.

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