Do you think it's likely that the federal government can continue to decrease the national deficit if the sequester is ended?

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  • No, the federal government will not decrease the national deficit

    The federal government will not decrease the national deficit until the cut spending and stop adding programs that cost money to the budget. The only other option is to raise taxes. Currently, the federal government is paying for programs that it has no Constitutional authority to oversee - for example the U.S. Department of Education. While, in theory, this is a needed department, it is something that really needs to be handled at the state level primarily with minimum oversight from the federal level. Only when this department, and many others, are eliminated or greatly scaled back will the federal deficit be reduced.

  • No, due to recent geopolitical issues and fiscal year-end items it is not likely that the government can continue decreasing the national deficit if the sequester is ended.

    Due to the recent increase in military funding for strikes in Syria against the terrorist group ISIS, the end of the sequester would most likely also open up spending in other domestic areas. Increased military funding has been a necessity and as the fiscal year-end approaches government officials will be considering the introduction of new tax breaks in the last quarter of the year. Once the sequester has ended tax-breaks, highway funding, and other areas that have been cut-off from federal funding will work tirelessly to acquire funding prior to year end, thus making it impossible to continue decreasing the national deficit.

  • No defecit will increase

    I don not see how at this time that he Government will be able to decrease the national deficit. Our Military costs keep going up and up. When the sequester has ended that will be even more money that the Government has to find out how to cover. I don't see teh national deficit going down any time soon.

  • No, if the sequester is ended, so will the decrease in the national deficit.

    While the federal government's budget sequester was a temporary move designed to keep the government financially afloat in the face of political stalemate, it has brought with it the fringe benefit of keeping the federal budget in check, and hence keeping the deficit down. If the sequester is brought to an end, then the unchecked spending habits of Washington politicians will invariably start back up, and our government's already substantially budget deficit will again go through the roof.

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