Do you think it's necessary that we should have annual purge?

Asked by: oonalaurence2002
  • Yes very necessary

    We should absolutely have annual purge where all crimes are legalized including murder. This would benefit the society as whole in a way that it would be less costly because there would be no tax spending on prison facilities as there would be no more prisoners. This also mean it would reduce crimes in overall.

    Another advantage of annual purge year is that there are some people out there who really don't deserve to live such as bullies, Greedy people, Selfish people, People who like to manipulate and cause trouble to other people's live. If we legalized murder, That would be we would get rid all of the bad people and the number of good people would increase.

    Oh yeah and majority think that murder is unjustified and inhumane. But do you guys realized that in some aspect of life we do engage in murder in everyday life. Think about slaugther house where
    millions of domestic animals are being slaugthered in each minutes just for our food and clothes. Isn't that considered as murder as well? And why murder animals is legal and humans don't?

    Why do humans deserve such an honor and respect more than any other sentient beings on this earth? Just because we engineered and invented technologies?

    That is totally injustice. Just because develop technologies but that doesn't help the environment at all. In fact, Technologies are the number one causes of global warming and environmental destruction. Think about, We pollute the atmosphere by releasing toxic gas such as carbon monoxide and methane, We drive millions of wild animals species to extinction and endangered them through deforestation, Poaching, We also pollute the water and killed million of marine animals, And lastly we cause climate change which cause risen in sea level as a result from glacier cap ice being melted at both north and south pole.

    Humans are not better than other earthling species. In fact we are the worst, Intolerable despicable species after all.

    If we legalized murder and other crimes, Then it would dramatically cut down the human population as this would provide a huge advantage to animals and the environment.

    Fewer humans = less suffering= less pain= less destruction to animals and the environment.

    Nowadays, The most ridiculous segment in human society is that we tend to make some actions that even cause little to no harm such as harassment and stalking illegal which its totally stupid. Why should harassment and stalking be illegal at all? I mean seriously, Come on we live in a democratic society. People have to right to say whatever they want even if that speech is deemed as offensive. That is our freedom of speech. And why stalking should be illegal? To some people it cause no pain, No injury. It is 100 % an victimless act.

    Please vote yes. If majority vote yes i will introduce my proposal to government.

  • Yes i do agree with Oona

    I really do indeed agree very much with Oona. I think she make a very good argument. Humans had gone too far in a way that we consume and live on this earth without taken into consideration of other animal species and the environment.

    Think about it, For right now earth is the only place that provide food, Water, And air to humans and animals. Perhaps there are other habitable planet out there that are akin to earth but you must not forget that the distance is many light years away from us and for now our technology is not advanced enough to create a spaceship that can jump into hyperspace which mean can travel as fast as light.

    But unfortunately most but not all, We do not appreciate and concern about our environment at all. We deliberately harm our environment by causing global warming because we are greedy and selfishness. We drive many wild animals species to extinction because we enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on animals.

    Also about the slaugtherhouse, I want to remind you guys that animals are not only being killed for food merely but for leather and clothes as well.

    It's not just cows, Pigs, Sheeps, Goats that are being slaugthered but also dogs, Cats, Fox, And even reptiles. While dogs, Cats, Fox and reptiles are mostly being slaugthered for leather.

    I have heard about PETA organization cited out that reptiles such as crocodiles are being brutally slaugthered just for only their skin to be used and made for Loui Vitton handbag.

    Look at this crocodiles skin being used and made for Loui Vitton handbags? WTF, This is really sickening.

    I can't believe that humans are such an abhorrent disgusting species.

    And lastly, Yes we should legalized murder in order to cut down human population for the sake of poor animals, For the sake of the environment.

    The purge would offer so many advantage that you can't even imagine.

    So guys, Please i beg you. Please vote YES.

  • There are way too many people

    There are way to many people on this earth the Mother Earth needs to have fewer humans and more animals ok and yes I think that it is necessary that we should have a annual purge ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

  • Yes we should have annual purge

    The purge would be beneficial in many ways that it would automatically elimate useless people such as homeless, poor,prisoner,bullies....Etc that also mean it would allow number of good people to dublicate and outnumbered bad one.

    It will also be beneficial to earth as human population would dramatically cut down, this would also mean environmental friendly and save many innocent animals from being tortured and abused at the hand of humans.

  • I think we should purge ourselves AMERICA

    We Americans are scum and should be wiped from existence we pollute the planet we racially profile people but if the purge came once a year we would burn everything and everyone we are filthy inferior pieces of shit and we need communism to succeed in life but if there is no communism there is nothing to live for

  • It's a false premise.

    The idea is that you can do anything you want for one night without fear of persecution and that it would somehow make things better.

    Hypothetically, I kill someone because I think they wronged me in the past. That person may have family and others that depends on them. Obviously things are not better for the person I would have killed and things are much worse for the people that depend on them. Sure, You might feel a bit better for the moment but how would you feel when you find out they had a spouse and kids. Maybe they owned a business that now has to close? Now those people are out the income they need. What if they had a profession like a specialized doctor. If you think about it, Most people touch the lives of many others.
    What if the person wasn't killed but harmed other ways. If murder is legal then so would things like child molesting and rape. What if someone targeted an actress and scared/burned her face? What if you cripple someone who need mobility to do their job?
    Fact is, Just because you committed a crime one night does not mean that the people you hurt will stop being a victim when the sun comes up.
    It also makes believe that it would reduce crime. Fact is, It would directly initiate tons of retaliation. If you seriously harm someone I know/love, I would not wait till the following year. Basically, It would be the match that started a nation wide fire that would burn for years. Just look at gang violence. If the police can't find or charge someone for the initial crime, It would be similar to that of a purge event. Thing is, A gang isn't going to be peaceful just because nobody was charged with a crime against one of their own. They will likely strike back at the gang they believe is to blame. They will return the violence and so on. Each time the violence would elevate to the point of an all out gang war. Thing is, This chain of reaction would not be limited to gangs but to many/most of people that were harmed.

  • Proponents of a purge are not exempt from the results of said purge

    People who want a purge never mention themselves becoming victims. Are they ready for a bullet passing through their bodies? A knife entering them? Are they prepared to be gang raped? Are they ready for the emotional pain of losing a child? These are serious questions that I feel proponents don't address. It's as if they see themselves as being victimless in all the chaos; that they will be able to commit whatever crimes they want without someone doing the same to them. This also goes for people who simply want the world around them destroyed or all humans eradicated. They never seem to talk about their fate as a result of that eradication. They talk about humans as if they themselves are some other unknown species yet to be discovered.

    MitchV above mentioned the long-standing consequences of initiating a purge and I agree completely. The chaos won't stop just because a time of day has been reached. Retaliation will become the theme and that can go on for a very long time. Also, There's been mention of protecting animals and the environment but those two things will be just as much a victim as everything else. We have laws in place to protect animals and the environment but with those laws now being ignored people can freely kill entire livestock, Burn down forests, And pollute the ocean.

  • We should not!

    We cannot tolerate seeing many people die and suffer because of this. What if this happened everything would be out of control and what if your sweet baby girl/boy gets killed in front of you eyes or what if your family gets killed you might fall into depression or some thing worse. We cannot have an annual purge. Say no to this if you don’t support purges.

  • FBI is probably reading this.

    Given the times we live in, It doesn't matter what you believe. The correct answer here is "No. " Because that's what smart, Happy, Sane people say - am I right? You on the yes side are now a bunch of red flags with names on lists. Don't be surprised if somewhere down the road our increasingly totalitarian law enforcement deems you a threat.

  • Did you watch the movie?

    The rich and corrupt will be safe locked away. So many people will die especial white boys that think they are the best shooters. It will be gangs that win the streets. Only the cruel will win and more than likely any hero will get shot and die within the first hour.

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