Do you think its necessary that we should nuke Germany?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes we should because Germans are Vermins.

    Hi Guys. I am Oonalaurence and right now i am 17 years old. I have been acting in many new upcoming movies such as Lost Girls, What we found and even Baby sitting monster guide hunting. You can check on a imdb and there you will see all my filmography.

    And yes like i always said, I am an american actress but i still hate German people. My whole Family hate Germans too. We hate Germans simply because they are racist and xenophobic and to be honest from what stephannoi told about his childhood abuse, I feel deeply sorry for him.
    But anyway its very common that hate crimes exist in Germany and studies shows that Germany are among the country that had the highest hate crimes rate.

    Thats because in Germany even nowadays, They tolerated and accept anti semitism, Racism, Bigotry, And xenophobia.
    German people nowadays are no different than those who lives in 1940s. They share similar traits and ideology and the nazi ideology still persist even today.

    I was in Germany and spend their for vacation, And its was a very horrible experience for me. I saw people yelling, , Heil Hitler " and i saw swastika symbol all painted over the wall.

    I saw a lot of Neo nazis people who stil hate Jews and immigrants and there is even a racist political party called NPD or AFD which uphold racist agenda.

    Those things never happen in United States, Because the vast majority of american are not like Germans. They are friendly and open minded, And they love jews and immigrants.

    Thats maybe because the germans believe in too much of white surpremacy. Me myself i am White but i never hate other ethnic and race who is not White. I can befriended with anyone including nigger as well.

    For this reason we should nuke germany so that to permanently eliminate racism, Bigotry and hatred.

  • Yes its absolutely very necessary

    Guys look i know that what i am saying might upset some people due to violent and racist content, But what i am doing right now, Is for the sake of humanity. You guys should remember the most malicious darkside part of the history which is the nazi holocaust
    What the nazis did, Constitute as the worst and brutal genocide and crime against humanity. . Who support the nazi regime? The Germans ofcourse. Majority of germans at that time overwhelmengly admire Nazis racist ideology and uphold their power. Even today, Many germans still has anti semitism viewpoint. According to some source, It says that about more than 50 % of the german population in 21th century are still xenophobic and anti semitistic.

    Me myself i was a victim of harassment and abuse by german which still traumatized me until now. I was bullied by german kids. They soley hate me because i am asian. Not only that but i also has a german father who is very abusive toward me. He abandon and neglected me since i was a little kid. I can still rememeber what my dad did to me eventhough at that time i was very young.

    For this reason, German people are a cancer. They inflict enormous suffering and trauma to humanity and they don't even feel guilty.

    Eliminating them, Would be beneficial as it would avoid potential fatal conflict and massacre as well as it would make the world peaceful and harmony.

    If germany ceased to exist, Then all the racist doctrine and propaganda would be gone as well.

    There are some people argue that i am not less evil than Hitler by saying this. But thats is absolutely wrong and misleading. Hitler kill jewish people for his own pleasure and for no good reason.

    But i am doing and saying this because i want to protect the world from harm.

    Even if some people disagree with me however majority of jews would cetaintly agree because they inherently hate Germans since WW2 and they would definetely want germans to be exterminated.

    I will have to keep creating such polls because i want you guys to vote Yes and support my sheme. Thank you.

  • As a part of

    The american nazi party i think germans are really good some of us have been planning to make the "halocaust 2 elctrify the jews" so it will be a great time for everyone involved except the jews but i mean still fun i guess just fine and dandy for us bah

  • Whats up with your racist agenda

    Ofcourse what germans did in the history, But that doesnt justify to annihilate them nowadays. In fact, Now German is totally a democratic country with lowest human right violation ranking. Genocide and wars still exist but not anymore in Germany or elsewhere in industrialized nation for decades ago.

    There are many nations that commit atrocities massacre in history such as USA and Russia, Yet surprisingly these countries are highly esteemed and respected nowdays.

    Soviet kill more than 50 millions people and british colonies kill millions of native tribes and enslaved and tortured millions of blacks.

    Should we nuke these two countries as well? And why do we still honored them?

    You can't simply say that Germans are the most evil in the word just because they are the perpetrate holocaust.

    Genocide and slavery alike holocaust has been existed in history long time ago since the ancient egpyt and greek.

    Besides of this Germany has done a lot of progress to combat racism and anti semitism. You have been telling a lot of lies and hatred about Germans such as by saying that germans are still racist because many of them yell Heil Hitler or there are swatikas painted all over the wall.

    None of your argument are credible and its totally misleading and false. I live in Germany and i haven't witness anyone yell Heil Hitler or paint swatikas on wall. If there are someone who did this, They would be immediately arrested on spot as such act are illegal.

    Also none of germans admire nazis or Hitler on the contrary, Many of them disgusted them. .

    Lastly, I am sorry to say this but its true that you are not less evil than Hitler or nazis from your perspective. In fact your mindset and your agenda are very similar to Hitler's final solution.

    Like Hitler, You would plan to do anything evil to exterminated germans just because there only a very small group of people who bully you.

    And like Hitler, You are cruel and heartless.

    Stop pretending as if you are a hero by saying that you are doing for the world.

    You are nothing but a moron and an insane person.

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