Do you think it's necessary to have religion ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Maybe not entirely necessary, but we are better because of their existence overall.

    Simply put, religion has served as a medium for knowledge over the centuries. It's been highly effective at spreading moral law and generally keeping the population within their religions civil towards one another. It's a nation without physical boundaries. If you've ever dreamed of an earth united ... Such a thing can only come from an institution similar to religion, where people back other people based on similar ideas and not race or nationality and no physical government present to rule over those people. That's the only real beauty behind religion, is that a human isn't put at the forefront to rule over all other humans. Jesus had it right when he established this thing and then died, Having a living person or group of people over others. ... Thats the most communist thing ive ever said ...

  • Of course and this will repeat over and over again.

    Everyone thinks this "anti-religion" movement is something new. Or that we "grew out" of stories, when historically this has been done over and over again.
    Mesopotamia experienced it.
    Egypt experienced it. Greeks, Romans, China, you name it.
    With new technology, people think get really excited. But maybe a little too excited. And its Hubris, that really drives it.
    "MAN has conquered nature, we don't need to fear a divine being any more!"
    its just gonna repeat. We're none the wiser than people hundred, thousands, of years before us. Granted we will, and want to think that we are.
    There is so much wisdom in "history repeats itself" that its almost beyond control.
    Bring this up, bring that up.
    I promise religion will come back, and it will fade away, only to come back, and repeat.
    We're just a part of the flow, and we like to think were not. This will never change.

  • Perhaps not "necessary" - that's not quite the right word in this context, but it has also helped us.

    Religion has done a lot of help for the world too, other than providing belief and worshiping (a) deity/deities. Religion can very much help people through tough times. Yes, religion has done bad things too, but what hasn't? I think what needs to happen is for people to get more self-control and for everyone to interpret our holy texts "better". And, seriously, being in their shoes for a second, let's say there really is a deity/deities. I believe there is! Ultimately, I think religion is both fine and even good to have in the world.

  • Why Should We

    In the Constitution, it says we have freedom of religion, which also includes no religion. Simply, if we don't believe, why should we have to believe if we don't? Religion is strictly an opinion. It's also not necessary to survive. And let's be honest, praying doesn't solve all our problems.

  • Without religion there will be no principle of human right standard establish

    Not all religion are bad especially religious group such as protestant and quaker have been played an important role in implemented human right.They fight against slavery trade,organize to prevent violent conflict,torture, and racism.Human are the main cause of all evilness that happen in earth,don't blame it all on religion and bible.

  • Without religion the world as we know it would resort to chaos

    Without the system of religion the human race would resort to utter anarchy. Imagine millions of people on earth, who had this vision that if they loved the right way, they would go to heaven forever; but if they don't they will burn in hell forever. Living life doing as you want with no repercussions beyond death? That sounds like people would lose their shit and do as they want.

  • Well, think about this

    Religion is a huge subject in many places, and religious popularity is respected by many. If it were taken away, it could cause chaos among each other, and perhaps lead to more war than there already is. This, leading to humanity's decline. People all have different opinions, and if religion were banned, I'm sure there would be a couple of Rogues that get angry. Fact is, all people have different opinions, and it won't change. Just my two cents.

  • Well, think about this

    Religion is a huge subject in many places, and religious popularity is respected by many. If it were taken away, it could cause chaos among each other, and perhaps lead to more war than there already is. This, leading to humanity's decline. People all have different opinions, and if religion were banned, I'm sure there would be a couple of Rogues that get angry. Fact is, all people have different opinions, and it won't change. Just my two cents.

  • Clearly not necessary - look at Sweden, Denmark or Norway

    I am sure that it's not necessary; but more than that, I sincerely hope that it's not necessary - it would be a sad reflection on the state of humanity if it were necessary and we might have to concede that point that so many religions try to drill into us: we are miserable fallen sinners... Fortunately, I don't think that's true: we are a noble species blessed by group selection with kindness, compassion, empathy, sympathy, intelligence and the ability to cooperate... Although why we'd still hold onto Bronze Age texts that promote bigotry and bloodlust I don't know... I can't wait for religion to reduce significantly, if not pass away completely.

  • No ,it's not necessary to have

    I am not sure if religion really bring peace and harmony.As you can see in the middle age catholic church burn people alive because they accuse that those people are a witch which in the reality there are no witches.They also blame jewish people for plague disease because they think those people are the one who create this problem.Even now a day as you can see people around the world have conflict because of religion beliefs.Sorry,not to mention,in some countries homosexual are being executed because they believe those people are sinful.Religion aren't the reality.It's only an people believe.And sometimes people believe can be misinterpret.I am not a religious people but i believe in karma and philosophy.I think philosophy,laws and technology it's more important.It can prevent conflicts and make us a better living.

  • Look at Athiest Countries

    There are alreadya high number of Athiestic countries (notably mostly richer countries) and they are doing as well, if not better than other as developed countries with Christian or Muslim majorities. The fact is that it doesn't seem to matter what people believe, so no it is not necessary. Norway isn't some horrific country with unbelievable rape or murder rates, America has much higher in both percapita, and is also notable much more heavily crhsitian. Now i am not saying its BECAUSE of chrisitianity, merely that Chrisitianity being a majority certainly doesn;t lead to lower crimes, and possibly to higher.

  • Philosophy is necessary. Religion is not.

    Religion lacks necessity simply because all that is knowledge exists mainly outside of religion and instead is incorporated into religion; the entire driving force behind most religions is to be an explanatory medium between what is tangible and what is unknowable which in turn renders it unnecessary to function in any given capacity.

    To put it simply a fish will cook over a fire and be safe to eat whether you know about the process or not.

  • No, it is not

    Religious faith is not necessary. It is like friendship, art, or philosophy. Humanity will not die out without it. It has no survival value. Rather, it is what helps make like worth surviving. It is humanity’s search for truth and the Divine. It is the desire to know God be known by God. At its best, it is the embodiment of selfless love and compassion born of God.

  • Necessary if you choose ignorance and delusion over progress and understanding

    If you look at the historic record of religion, you uwill see that it has stifled scientific and moral progress for as long as it has existed. Humans invented religion to explain the natural world - and hence it may be considered a failed science. But of course it is easier to believe in some "divine purpose" and "salvation" and impose every explanation upon a god figure than to try to understand the true complexity of nature - which is why religion still exists today. We'd do far better without those false ideals and all of their unnecessary negative consequences - a sample of which you may view at

  • No, Absolutely Not

    Religions are not necessary, they never were. There is not a single good thing done by religions that cannot be accomplished by secular means, so why not ditch the superstitions, tax breaks, and millennia of baggage and just go straight to helping people? . . . . . . .

  • Religion and its potential

    Religion is a magical thing. I mean who would have thought Jedi could be a religion! That just shows you how all the other major religions started out! HAHA sorry too ignorant/insensitive of a stance?
    Okay, so I look at the world today and the world yesterday AKA our history books. Religious battles. Religious battles. The future?? No doubt more religious battles. Its quite possible the question isn't a matter of is religion necessary but more of what that religion teaches as being necessary. Im not a very smart person however, I believe that if people were trained to not be a biased as to what thousand year old scrolls/books say written by random men opposed to how you should treat a living breathing thinking feeling creature then god! No pun intended. This world would be a much more beautiful place.


  • Sounds like somebody should read more Nietzsche.

    God is kind of outdated (I'll just talk about the Christian one for now)
    Once, God and religion were used as a means of asserting moral superiority over slavers, and once the jewish or something used to be slaves. Religion is a great way of keeping people in line (as who can find a comeback to: "because god ordained it"?) but he's not really necessary, as there are a lot more atheists now and science is kind of the new religion. (I might be convinced by all this when I talk to Jesus in front of everybody on Earth)

  • Religion: Answers for the weak.

    No it is not necessary. If you have basic self control and can avoid killing yourself because life in meaningless, no. And if you need a meaning, and can't tolerate the fact that there is no reason why we're here, then you are not helping mankind move forward, and might as well kill yourself. No offence, but religion is not needed, because the only ones we need today are intellectuals who know what is real, and don't cling to a book full of comforting promises and lies.

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