• Yes, I believe it is completely OK

    I believe we should, what if they are planning to turn against us, then what do we do? Let us die because we didn't spy on them? They do deserve privacy, but no, that's not how the world works, the world is full of backstabbing liars that will blow ANYTHING up, so think before you choose yes or no.

  • I think it is okay for America to spy on European leaders.

    I think it is okay for America to spy on European leaders. America has the right to deploy instruments to gather information on European leaders, as well as leaders from any other continent. Spying is justifiable as it is in the best interest in a country's national security to have an intimate awareness of foreign leaders and their activities.

  • Yes, because it's done a lot.

    I think that we are being spied upon by leaders of other countries, including Europe, and we do the same thing to them. It is probably naive to think that this will not happen. However, our President and other leaders should not be hypocritical and say that this is not going to happen.

  • It's a breach of trust.

    No, I do not think that it's okay for America to spy on European leaders, because we need more faith and trust with the leaders of Europe than the intelligence that we would get from spying on Europe. It doesn't make Europe want to be friendly with us. We need to maintain our friendships the most.

  • No It Isn't

    I do not believe it is okay for America to spy on European leaders. I believe the NSA should be shut down because they have secretly used programs to invade every ones privacy. As a citizen I don't believe tax dollars should go to these kinds of programs. I believe spying sends the wrong message to the world.

  • It is not

    No, I do not think that it is okay for us to go and spy on the people who lead a different country. I think that the deserve to have privacy just like everyone else, and that it is wrong for us to listen in to their private lives and things.

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