Do you think it's okay to allow driving from the age 16?

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  • Very Stupid Debate

    Once a kid is able to drive, his life kick starts from there. A junior or senior riding the bus to school because of a new law? That is a mockery. We have many retarded drivers who are 30 years of age. Maybe we should crack down on reckless drivers.

  • What's wrong with the age of 16

    As long as you have a liscense to drive then it's okay to drive at 16. Just because you're not an adult doesn't mean 16 year olds can't drive. This is unfair to people this age. They deserve a chance to drive at a young age. Make the age 16 and above

  • That's when I started:

    In Australia you can go for your Learners permit(requires an Instructor or full licence holder in the car with you) at 16, each state varies slightly, in its rules and requirements.

    Steps to getting your driver's licence in South Australia:
    Getting a driver's licence involves gradually progressing through a series of stages until you are ready to graduate to a full driver's licence.

    It involves:

    -Passing a licence theory test
    -a learner's permit
    -completing compulsory driving hours during the learner's permit stage (75 hrs of day and 15 hrs of night driving)
    -a compulsory hazard perception test
    -P1 provisional licence for one year
    -P2 provisional licence for two years
    -graduating to a full driver's licence.



    And each stage of licence has its own set of rules and restrictions, I cant remember all of them since I passed all that a few years ago and a lot of new stuff has been brought in since then.

    But a few examples, you must have 0 blood alcohol level, you need to display either an L or P plate on your vehicle, maximum speed limit restrictions(L plate drives can only do 80 KM/H unless with an instructor, P plate drives are restricted to 100 KM/H), even some curfew and passenger restrictions.

  • Why the arbitrary age?

    While brain development may not be perfect in a teenager, that has little to do with the maturity level to not txt/drink and drive and to pay attention to one's surroundings. While public roads pretty much everywhere have problems, solving them by reducing drivers seems very counter-intuitive to making roads better for all driving citizens.

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  • Its been like this for many years why don't we keep it like that

    Im 15 turning 16 in February and i think i would probably go into a very deep depression if i had to wait till 18. My life has been centered around cars for more than 7 years, which is almost half my life and i have dreamed of the day I could drive. Cars have been my life and always will be some in my heart and brain. It needs to stay this way

  • Why not ?

    I think it's okay to allow driving from the age of 16, as this will make the 16 years old teens more responsible and this will give them the freedom they need at that age. Also this will allow them to be independent as they will have to work to get the money to buy cars and will also have to repair them. In addition to that driving at the age of 16 will help them to be better drivers or experts in driving by the age of 18 which will decrease the amount of accidents.

    Also, at the age of 16 teens have already matured and have taken decisions in their life, so I believe that driving from the age of 16 should be allowed in all countries.

  • Why wouldn't they?

    Teenagers of that age have already made life decisions in the past year or so. If they can do that then they can certainly be able to drive. Plus, to get their learners they already have to be driving for a year and a day, they have had the practice.

  • No, I don't think driving can be allowed starting from the age 16. I guess it's too young & it has various of more reasons.

    You're too young. I understand that students can drive to school, but someway I disagree because the age 16 is still a teengaer, and a lot of students older than 16 likes playing games. What if they like violent games? If they play a game about driving cars, and get addicted to it so much, they'll do it in real life. According to South Korea's Naver news, a 20 year old man has played a game called "Kart Rider" which is a game about driving cars and racing, and the man has done it in real life. In Korea, we allow driving starting from the age 19(a full adult). That shows that even people that are not teens may get confused from real life and games.

  • I am 16

    I don't believe I would be aware of my surroundings and I don't think I would be able to preform behind the wheel. I am 16 and feel that 16 is the right age to start if not older. Also the amount of freedom and responsibility given with driving is not fit for someone under 16.

  • No no no

    I know that you will say that 16 year is enough for driving. And some of them drives better than adults. BUT five fingers is not the same . If one of them drives better one of them not. If this students who can not drive sit in front of the steering wheel WHAT CAN HAPPEN?? Nobody knows. But it is big threat not only for himself. Also to people who driving another car and coming opposite to him on roads

  • No I do not

    I think that should be able to drive at 12 years old if you have a lot of responsibility. Because I am 12 and I am reasonable. I am ready to drive so if I ever become president I will let 12 year old's drive because it is stupid to allow 16 and up. If 12 year old's can't drive then I belief that 16 year old's don't need to drive or how about I think that no one should be able to drive.

  • No. The age needs to be higher to ensure the safety of others.

    I will use research by census.Gov to support my claim. For US,
    In 2009, drivers under the age of 19 made up only 4.9% of total drivers on the road and made up 12.2 percent of all drivers in accidents. The ratio is substantially large that any other age group.

    In 2009, drivers age 16 had a 23% chance of being involved in an accident where drivers 18 years of age only had a 19% chance of being involved in an accident and 19 years old dropped much further down to 15%.

    It is very clear to see that the younger you are, the less mature your decisions will be behind the wheel of a car and as a result you will cause more accidents which results in a greater chance of injuring a second or third party.


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jackh4mm3r says2015-01-01T07:36:01.667
Also, I drove when I was 16, and did not get into an accident until a bad snow storm when I was 20. That was after driving 20 miles daily. I'd rather not use personal opinion on debating, but since this is an opinion question...