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  • No, it is not ok to lie about your finances to your partner.

    A person's finances are a very important part of their life. If someone is in debt and has no savings, it could lead to potential problems buying a car or a house or planning for retirement. It is important in a relationship to be clear and upfront with your partner about your finances. If you lie about your finances, it can negatively impact both of your lives.

  • No, it's detrimental to creating a life together.

    I think that when you get married, you commit to being a pair. Anyone who has ever struggled with their finances knows how serious money issues can impact your life. It's completely unfair to lie to the person who is supposed to be your life partner about something that directly impacts their well-being. Arguments about finances are one of the leading causes of divorce, but lying will make things much worse.

  • Financial Success Shared

    Regardless of your financial situation, your significant other needs to be kept in the loop especially if you live in the same home and are sharing the financial responsibilities. Too often, people lie about their finances and while they think it is a minor misconstruction of the truth, in reality it is opening doors that you don't even want to go near. If you want to have a rainy day fund, that is fine. But in the overall picture, it is essential to be honest about finances for the entire family unit's benefit.

  • Lying Destroys Trust

    Trust is a key component of any relationship and most definitely marriage. Lying about finances makes an individual untrustworthy. This leads to detriment in a marriage, whether immediate or delayed. Since money is a key factor in marriage, the financial trust level has a lot to speak of the marriage trust level. A good marriage involves communication, cooperation, and trust most certainly on such key issues as money.

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