Do you think it's possible to build an space ship like in starwars in the future ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Lack of atmosphere.

    X-Wings, TIE Fighters, the Millennium Falcon, and really any ship that maneuvers like these do through space would be virtually impossible, the problem is the lack of atmosphere. The reason jets can maneuver so easily and even hover on Earth is because of all the forces acting upon it in our atmosphere. If you wanted to mimic these movements in space, where there are no such forces, you would need thrusters in every direction of the craft, in order to balance the net-force and move more precisely. This would be highly inefficient, and kind of pointless, considering we don't plan on having any space battles any time soon.

  • It sure is!

    As the saying goes where there is a will, there is a way! If humans do not destroy themselves, there is no limit to their accomplishments. As a long time reader of science fiction and an ardent Star Trekker, I have no doubt the only thing we have to fear, is humanity itself!

  • Yes I think it's possible

    I think it's possible but it depends on what we are talking about. Things like x-wings and TIE fighters are possible but if we want to build something like the star destroyed it would take so much time and money. The death star would take even longer and even more money and don't think we will ever be able to build something like the death star. It also depends on how far into the future we are talking about. I think in like 80 to 90 years it might be possible to have a space ship like a star destroyer.

  • There is Already Most of the Technology

    The technology we have at our disposal right now includes propellant free steering and a near infinite energy supply. The steering comes in the form of the Cannae Drive (creates a differential in radiation on two conductors, and one attracts the other more than the first) and a nuclear reactor with a recyclable cell is the other power source, essentially making it a nuclear sub in space. The only technology we are missing is a forward propulsion system that can move matter fast enough and efficient enough.

  • It's probably possible now

    Sure, why not, we fly on rockets, and build satellites, basically the same principle, and as of the one guy arguing about power, that can be solved easily, there are plenty of means for power, I mean, there are electric cars, why not have an electric x-wing to fly around in.

  • No space ship use a lot of energy

    Space ship like in starwars never will be possible.It's only a fiction.Space ship use a lot of energy which i don't think our earth will provide that much. Also i don't think human ability can go that far.Maybe only rocket and satellite but not space ship.Also space ship is too big which will take a lot of space.

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