Do you think it's really stupid to ban violent video games ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • What harm does it really do?

    I had to debate that we should ban violent videogames once in real life, and it was immediately apparent that there was no statistical evidence to support it.

    Also, in our group of three every single one of us played violent video games. And I can say, the group had no violent people. None of us get angry often, I go months at a time between spots where I'm angry. And we're known at school for being smart, not strong, so we show our anger verbally, using a vast vocabulary, not violence which people assume comes from playing violent video games.

  • Yes,it's stupid and selfish

    A ban of violent video games would only make the matter worse.A ban of violent video game does not affected the video game industry but it would slash the amount of money it can take in ,all while costing the industry thousand of jobs.It's also unfair for those who love violent games.

  • It's bible thumpers' censorship, ridiculous!

    Playing violent video games is no more likely to be damaging to young children’s behaviour than those considered harmless, an Oxford University study suggests.
    Research involving British primary schoolchildren found that the length of time young people spend playing games, rather than their content, could have an effect on their behaviour or school performance – and even then only slightly so.
    But it concluded that fears that a generation of young people are growing up with their development impaired by exposure to violent video games are no more likely to be borne out than previous “moral panics” over television and other media.

  • It's Free Speech and just a game

    I have the right to free speech and freedom of expression, Censoring violent games "cough Australia cough" is a violation of free speech and it's just a game. Also if you don't want your kid to be playing a violent game, then don't fucking buy it for them, kids are not supposed to have them actually, that's what the rating states. So people using "child innocents" as an excuse is fucking retarded

  • No,it's not stupid

    It is right that we should ban all media that has violence themes including in books,movies,video games.Studies has proven that media violence affected the brain by lowering the inhibition and self control and make us feel less sensitive to violence.There many other good games that has nothing to do with violence.

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