Do you think it's right for people to post others' personal information online?

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  • No people should not post others' private information

    People should leave personal information personal. While I do understand that the 1st amendment allows for freedom of speech and therefore posting any information wanted, including the personal information of others, I think that with the new age of the internet, personal information should remain personal unless shared by that specific person themself.

  • No, not without consent or grave need

    There is no universal right to know every piece of information. People have a right to keep information about themselves private. Barring cases of necessity, such as concerns for public safety in the case of wanted criminals, people have the right to choose what information about them ought to be communicated to others.

  • No it's not right to post others informatoin

    I have something to ask those who would do such a thing would they like someone to do it to them. Our personal information is just that our own personal information. Whether it's shared online or not is up to each of us, should never be done by a third party. This information is not for them to share for any given reason.

  • No I disagree

    I am a fan of privacy and I do not take kindly to people who disrespect others and post their personal information online. I do not care who they are or what they have done - that is a line that should not be crossed. Privacy for everyone is my belief.

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