Do you think it's right that it is more acceptable for women to be gay than it is for men?

Asked by: G1bby96
  • Lesbians are not just female versions of gay men.

    The reason that it's more acceptable is because of how female sexuality works in the first place. There is an emotional eroticism that we feel for people that is not automatically physical. A lot of women feel this way for other girls, but never would even want to sleep with another woman. I think that this will be better understood in a few years. But we should start thinking of female sexuality as more nuanced than we do now. I think that the definitions are all wrong, and that you can be physically or emotionally drawn to women without being lesbian. We need a new word for women who are ONLY erotically attracted to girls emotionally or physically - but not both. Both means that she is a lesbian. But if its only one or the other... I don't know. Lesbian isn't a word that fits.

    I also think that it makes sense from a guy's perspective. I get that a lot of guys would like to have a girl best friend who is one of the guys, or to have two wives. Lesbians fit into that sort of thing pretty well, so a lot of guys accept lesbians right away.

    But the bad part of what I am saying is that guys arent accepted. I dont think that part is "right" as in good. I can understand why lesbianism is accepted better, but I dont know why gay guys are not. I wish that would change, though.

  • We can’t change human nature so that it is “fair” to gay men.

    The sight of two fit birds lezzing it up is appealing to straight men and also to many women but only homosexual gentlemen want to watch two blokes take each other up the council gritter.

    A fit young woman’s body is a beautiful thing to behold for both sexes so it’s perfectly natural that many straight women are tempted to engage in sexual activities with other women.

    On the other hand, straight women don’t get turned on just by the sight of a naked man, it’s only when he starts touching her up that the woman begins to produce her tango batter.

    That’s just the way things are: it’s human nature and we can’t change it so that it is “fair” to gay men.

  • Socially, yes, not really fair, but true

    Socially it is more acceptable for a woman to be gay than a man, is this fair, no, but it is there, this is because the bible days that a man shall not sleep with a mother man as he does a woman. But it not once talks about how a woman should not lay with another woman as she does a man. Am I saying I support this equality, I don't really care, but I am just commenting on what I have seen and heard.

  • Both ways are not fair but reality.

    Back in the years of god Jesus or his father made Adam and Eve for one specific reason for reproduction to carry on his legacy and he did not make Adam and Steve so I think either way is bad but if you want to live your life wrong then go ahead.

  • I do think that it’s right that more people think that it’s more acceptable for women to be gay than it is for men.

    I do think that it’s right that more people think that it’s
    more acceptable for women to be gay than it is for men. Women can be gay temporarily and it doesn’t
    take anything away from them being women, but for a man to be gay, it
    automatically takes away from his manhood.

  • Its not really fair

    You see it in tv shows, movies and even reality... When people see two lesbians, well it doesn't really seem to bother them much; but when most people see two gay men then, oh no now its a crime. I see it all of the time, I have both a gay and a lesbian friend and my gay friend is always teased, beat up and picked on; and on the other hand my lesbian friend is as fine as can be, she has friends and a supporting family. I think its just gender discrimination.

  • It's because of double standardized straight men

    It's not a choice, and reguardless of what men think, only a lesbian woman would get turned on by two women, or a gay man turned on by two men. Some men like watching two lesbians, and some women like watching two men. Men need to realize that what turns them on doesn't always turn on the opposite gender

  • Does it exist? Yes. Is it fair? No.

    Yes lesbians are more accepted because they're women. It's appealing to men to see two women going at it sexually. Why is socially acceptable is because men are the dominant and ruling figure in society. To most women two men going at it sexually is appealing if they are straight. Straight men enjoy gay women because they are attracted to women. Straight women enjoy gay men because they are attracted to men.

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