• SUVs Are Safe

    In spite of all the talk, SUVs are still safe vehicles. In a winter climate, it is nice to have a vehicle that can handle the conditions appropriately. With gas prices dropping across the board and the expectation of that to continue, fuel costs aren't as much of an issue as in the past. Vehicles are always going to have problems, regardless of the category.

  • It should be based on your needs

    Do you need the room? Do you need four wheel drive? Do you need to tow something? Newer SUVs are getting more and more fuel efficient and can be very solid vehicles. If you need the space many even offer third row seating. I have owned cars, trucks, SUVs, and MiniVans; the SUV was by far the most versatile.

  • It is smart to decide for yourself

    Whether it is smart or not, it is your decision. Yes, the gas prices are less then favorable, but it is ultimately up to you. An SUV is empowering, and it is also safe when an accident happens. Lets face it, a Honda Civic may be more economical, but an SUV is safer.

  • No, not especially

    The benefits of an SUV are far outweighed by the costs right now. Their milage pales in comparison to essentially all regular cars, which is significant with where gas is. On top of that, they're generally somewhat frowned upon as not planet friendly right now. It's not the best time, despite intent.

  • No, I do not think it's smart to buy an SUV right now

    No, I do not think it's smart to buy an SUV right now. Gas prices are still too high for it to make sense for the average person to buy any type of vehicle which gets low gas-mileage. The small decrease in gas prices will not sustain, and you will end up spending too much of your income just to get around.

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