Do you think its still selfish and okay to commit suicide if you have major depression and illnesses that cannot be cured?

Asked by: TommyTheCat
  • It is your life.

    If someone is not happy with their life and they see no way out of it I would say they have every right to commit suicide. Sure you can pop Serotonin pills all you want all day but if it were me I would not be able to depend on a pill to live. I would not want to grow old have kids who very well might have the same problem and so on. All I'm saying is that if the individual has the right to live their life any way they want to then they have the right to end it as well.

  • Your question is contradicting (selfish and ok are two different things)

    I say that it is ok to "commit" suicide in certain cases, like if you have an incurable diseases that causes you great pain (and most likely taxes your family both financially and emotionally). Major depression however, can be overcome with help, so I would say no to that. Overall, unless there are special circumstances, suicide is not ok.

  • There are certain circumstances where suicide is truly the only humane way out.

    Your life belongs to you, not to God. If God were such a loving, caring, compassionate Being why would God not intervene and fix the situation or simply make everything better? This is a God who was unable to forgive someone for eating an apple. He required the torture and sacrifice of his only "beloved" son in order order to forgive humanity for applegate. I would not take the advice of the religious. I would decide for myself. After all, it is I who will supposedly suffer the consequences of my action, not anyone else.

  • Just don’t tell

    If u have an incurable illness or you are alone, end your life. It doesn’t matter. I have served my purpose, my kids are grown adults. No other reason for me to exist. I am tired. No more abuse from others. Hopefully I will be forgiven. Doesn’t matter any way.

  • Don't live for others

    What's selfish is people actually telling you not to commit suicide for their own sake , they don't actually give a fuck about anything one can go through they just know they don't want to be hurt and most of the time they would call you crazy for choosing to live your own life . As said above we didn't ask to be alive that's fair , but at least we can choose when to end that life.
    I myself , think of suicide quite often , somehow I just feel like it's better than going through life where I'll always have to survive but not live . Sometimes you are just fed up , you can't stand all the shits going on in this world and that's perfectly okay to think of suicide in thoses cases .
    If you thought about it carefully , but you can't seem to feel the way out of it , when you don't feel like you want to belong in this world anymore then it's okay . Just don't live for others cause you are gonna die in the end anyway ..

  • Living with destroying hopes

    Yes, living like ours who are living in developing countries that you can hardly hold your dreams and hops. You can not sleep due to earthquake and poor structure of building, you can not breath normally due to air pollution, you can not do business due to economic sanction and you are encountering risks of finding enough food, you could not do many things freely due to religious trapped you and there is no scape from this, you could not emigrate because of loneliness of your mom and nobody is here that can care of her. Even you had bad childhood because of war and killed brother and father and there is no hope for good future in front. You don't have enough time to spend with your family because of heavy traffic and you have to be commuter. I remembered that I was arrested ( it is illegal relationship between men and women) when I was 18 due to being with my girl friend that I wish she was my girl friend who I met her for the first time and I could not meet her at all due to we were scared and shocked. I remembered that I was hit and kicked by polices when I was university student due to protesting for justice . I remembered that I did not accept any bribes any more when I was working as procurement specialist but my colleagues did. I run my own business with dreams of earning more money, in the correct way but my coworkers did not and I have to pay them as bribe to get the order, that is like joke. Is there any body to understand what a complicated situation that you have two choices: getting bribes or giving bribes. It is funny. I am always thinking that if I don't have a child, I could continue or not? And how could be evade myself and how many days could I remain?
    And I sense death is coming to me, it is not my approach, it is death approach to me. We are dying gradually not living happily. It is my sweat dream, death.

  • Its tough to write even anonymously.

    I know theres zero connection here, but it still shames me to think of suicide multiple times a day. As a middle aged man, its tough to think of the smiles of yesterday that have long sice faded away. I used to be a happy, polite person, but when my self worth left me, so did my politeness to others, which to me makes it ok. When i became a bad influence on others it helped me realize my life had far less value than i ever could have imagined. It started with passing thoughts of depression and now i actually have a place where i call my suicide spot, i go there often, as it hurts to think of someone finding me dead in my room. In conclusion, i think its ok, because if life holds no meaning, your death will merely be a forgotten step forever lost in time.

  • Your question is way too vague and multi-faceted to give one answer: I think that it is never OK to take your own life.

    It is never OK to take your own life, because it is not your life to take. We owe our existence to our parents, who fed and clothed us, protected us etc. We also owe the reason for our existence to our parents. All you have to is fulfil the role that your parents expected of you. Normally, parents had you because they want to be looked after when they are older, or to have company, or to make their own lives more exciting and interesting, or perhaps simply because it's what biological beings do i.e. in our nature to reproduce. It's probably a mixture of all these. There is no separate independent reason for your existence. If you need one, believe in God. It won't harm you, just don't overthink it and start questioning religion. If you don't, make sure to do stuff in your life, play sports, read books, watch movies. Removing yourself from these things can cause dep. Go to University, study something to keep your mind occupied. People with incurable illnesses still find a reason to live, it's in our nature to keep going and not give up until the illness kills us.

  • Others dont know your suffering

    Seriously, I have no idea why im still living here. Fuck them. If you have kids and a lover its selfish because you gave them yourself and they love you. You chose to be with them so stand with it, dont let them feel the same as you. Buuuut if you dont have any of thoae then ur free to go bro. I know how it feels

  • Suicide is okay

    If you are certain you are untreatable and you cannot cope and don't want to live anymore, then suicide is fine. For all the people who think it's selfish, think about exactly what you're asking of them- you want someone to continue to live in utter misery and tremendous pain just so you won't be sad. It's the same as with animals- if they are in tremendous pain and incurable then they get put down. Why can't we as humans have that option?

  • If you are dead we can't help you.

    One thing is for sure and that is that once you do this it is over.
    Many people have felt this way but major depression can be cured and alot of people are very pleased to have overcome it to a point that they are no longer contemplating suicide.

    Euthanasia for terminally ill people is a completely different topic to which I would answer yes.

    You should be clear in the difference and be careful not confuse the two intentionally or otherwise.

  • Suicide is never the answer

    If you truly have nothing going for you then make something out of it. Their are places out their for people you don't just have to sit there and be lazy. Just get off your butt and do something about your issues sometimes it only takes a few steps yes.

  • Okay, so recently

    Ive seen and heard this person that says suicide is okay if you don't want to live any more and have major depression, illnesses, etc. (I'm not gonna tell who this person is.) But what is your guys thoughts on this? I say no and disagree most of the time because it is selfish if there is people close to you IMO and committing suicide can hurt and possibly make those people close to you suicidal.

  • It is not selfish

    Committing suicide in my eyes is okay. Why? Because some people have it hard. Sometimes it gets to bad that there is nothing else to do. Ive been there and attempted suicide. I was raped four times, been abused since I was 8 and im now 15. Suicide is okay in some cases.

  • Major depression ptsd

    Depression is a serious mental illness it can be disabling to your life I live with it everyday. I think about ending my life all the time. If you don't suffer from major depression panic attacks and insomnia you have no idea what it feels like. For some people like me their is no cure.

  • I say no because its very painful to everyone around you.

    My cousin committed suicide and if you understand how hard it s to go through that and how bad it hurts you you all would understand suicide isn't a solution to use it isn't a solution to end your life. I don't care who you are and how you think, but to me it isn't ok. I have been hurt and my heart has been broken, I no how hard it is to no that I can't see my big cousin ever again and he had two beautiful little girls, and a great life going to be an EMT. I want everyone to no that once you no how it feels to lose a close friend or loved one then you really have no say in, its ok to commit suicide. For me since my cousin died I have been against suicide, I couldn't risk seeing someone elses family go through what my family has gone through in the past. Yes those people are sick but you can get help.

  • Everyone Dies Eventually

    I do not remember asking to be born into this world. If I had children it would be different, they would be my responsibility. But for all those people that don't, it should be their choice. Why should people be forced to live if they don't want to? I'm in control of my body, no one else.

  • Life is a test

    Life is a test, and suicide is essentially cheating your way out of it. This prompt asks if suicide is OK if you have incurable illnesses or major depression. If you have an incurable illness, make the most of your precious time you have left, and die of natural causes. If you have depression, realize it can be cured, and go get help from a professional We all have trials, but that is what makes us strong, so ending our own lives cheats us out of this test that is called life.

  • Definitely not selfish

    Why should you have to live when you are slowly disappearing anyway, if youre not happy then you have the right to leave the world, nobody should be seen as selfish for suicide its something that should be accepted by every descent person, no one should be judged for wanting to leave

  • Maybe you feel like dieing ,maybe you are worthless and have nothing else to give in this life, may your pain gets involved to much.

    Sometimes you feel like no one understands your pain, and by feeling this immense pain you can't help it but try to be happy and make people happy (robin Williams) but this pain consumes you from the inside you start bringing loved ones down with and you want this to happen to other around you because everything you touch you hurt without you wanting it because life is mysery if you don't have power/money to make people family friends happy like you want them to that is why I plan to end my life to stop this pain stop this madness!!

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