• Yes,it's time for Queen Elizabeth II to step down.

    Yes,it's time for Queen Elizabeth II to step down.She is becoming the age where it's difficult to perform her duties.There's no reason why she can't hand the reins over to Prince Charles.He's fully trained and perfectly able to take over the duties.Those who criticize that as an alternative just want things to stay the same.

  • Yes, of course.

    I look at the British Royal family as hilarious. It's like watching a country play dungeons and dragons or something. It is time for the entire Royal Family to step down. And if you think they are only figureheads, you are wrong. Britiain is a living, breathing monarchy and as a person living in a Republic, that cracks me up.

  • No, the Queen is only a figurehead.

    No, Queen Elizabeth II should not need to step down from her throne. The Queen is simply a figurehead and does no real ruling in the UK. The country would not be better or worse by her stepping off the throne, as this move would not impact the way the country is ran.

  • Queen Elizabeth the Second should not step down

    It is my opinion that the current Queen of England should not step down from her throne. I feel that she is still fully capable of maintaining her office despite the hardships that come with old age. She is still able to function as the figurehead of her nation because she is still in control of her faculties.

  • She's just a figure head.

    Queen Elizabeth II is just a figurehead in England. She has no real power. There is no reason for her to step down. She might as well stay Queen of England until the day she passes. The line of succession dictates our next King of England. It will be a big production for everyone worldwide. Beyond that, it has no point. She might as well wait and let nature take it's course.

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