• To an extent, yes

    Every single time somebody goes to a crane machine they lose. At that point it is impossible to get any prize. I do agree that to an extent it is fair for it to be rigged, but to the point that it is impossible to get a prize? That IS unfair.

  • Yes, I think so.

    States regulate slot machines to make sure they're not rigged too unfairly against players. But they rarely do the same thing for claw machines.
    Instead, state regulations typically focus on keeping the value of the prizes in claw machines relatively low. Lawmakers seem to think that larger prizes would make claw machines more akin to gambling, whereas smaller prizes keep them safe for kids.

  • Of course it's unfair!

    I never won anything in a claw machine and I always thought I was unlucky and uncoordinated. Now that I know that they are rigged, I am mad! These machines have harmed the confidence and self esteem of so many children, it's outrageous! Why can't the owners raise the price a bit so they make a profit and let the children win a prize? This way, everyone wins!

  • It is unfair that club machines are rigged

    It is clearly unfair that clause machines are rigged. Particularly, when most, if not all, people who pour money into these obscene machines I have no idea that they are rigged. There should be a warning posted on the outside of the machine clearly stating that you will in all likelihood lose your money.

  • Why is it unfair?

    Simply put the manufactures of the claw machine can do what ever they want. Wasting your money (or your parents money) on them can be a learning experience for the individual on why it is a bad idea to gamble. Although gambling is a bad idea there is no reason why it should be illegal in any form that does not violate life liberty or property.

  • No, it isn't.

    Claw machines are just the same as any other gambling machine. All of your winnings can be attributed to luck. There are circumstances when you will win the claw machine, but you don't know them. It's just the same as a slot machine or roulette table. 4 more words needed.

  • Being rigged is how they make money.

    Claw machines have to be rigged in order to get some money. If everyone could actually win, they wouldn't get any money. Plus, claw machines aren't usually that expensive. People should now better than to spend money on claw machines. So if you see cell-phones or expensive headphones as the prizes , don't waste your time and money on that.

  • People know they are.

    Today, people should know better than to ever play a claw machine. These machines can only stay in business if they don't let every person win. Essentially, when a person plays a claw machine, they are rolling a dice. People should know this and they should know better than to give them their money.

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