• He developed the industry.

    Yes, J. Edgar Hoover is a legend in the world of espionage, because he did such a good job that they named a building after him. During World War II, espionage under Hoover's leadership was successful in undermining the Nazi's. Hoover is really the father of the espionage system in the United States. He had a vision.

  • Let his legend live on

    I feel like he is one of the founders of modern espionage. His espionage was not always a detrimental one he used his form of espionage to catch some of the USA most wanted felons at the time. He was instrumental in getting the FBI started and really helped them to become a known and respected division of the national government. He also did a lot of work in World War II with espionage and codes.

  • Movies have been made

    When considering notorious individuals, an easy litmus test to determining their popularity or overall legend is the amount of media coverage given to them. J Edgar Hoovers biographical movies illustrate the market for digesting his story, which seems to validate the work he did as being legendary or at least notorious.

  • He did become first director of FBI

    Can't argue with that point. He was very secretive in the way he ran the FBI. He would later become very controversial, as all the evidence of what he did came to light. He had so much power that he could threaten Presidents and get away with it. I guess you can say he is legendary espionage figure, but that doesn't mean he was good for the country.

  • Yes, J. Edgar Hoover was a legend.

    I think that J. Edgar Hoover was a legend in the world of espionage. How can anybody argue this. J. Edgar Hoover is the man responsible for the creation of the CIA. And the CIA continues to be one of the most well-known and presitge agencies around the world today.

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