• Janeane Garofalo Influenced a Generation

    Without Janeane Garofalo, an entire generation of young actresses and comediennes in the 1990s wouldn't have been inspired to take up their profession. Garofalo should be a role model for feminists because she's successful at what she does and stands up for what she believes in. Although Garofalo can be controversial and may not say politically correct things, no one can doubt her sincerity and wry humor.

  • A successful woman

    Yes, she should be a huge role model for feminists, because of her fame and success that she has, despite being a woman. She is a great comedian, that has had great success. She is also a political activist and works strongly to push her beliefs through to people everywhere.

  • She Is a Role Model

    I believe Janeane Garofalo is a role model for feminists. She does not have to be labeled, officially to act as a role model. She is an outspoken liberal feminist and she has stated this and proven it through actions agains and again. This makes her a role model, in my opinion.

  • From Comedienne to Feminest Role Model?

    Comedienne and Political Activist Janeane Garofalo has made a career out of being controversial and incendiary. Some have argued she can be an effective feminist role model for women. I would suppose that if you wish to be cynical and disenfranchised, she could be a great role model in this respect. Janeane Garofalo has made a career out of attacking men and her concept of the "patriarchal" society, but this is not most women's reality. Most women attempt to achieve a balance of living a life of freedom and accomplishment, and often see themselves as living lives on equal footing with men, rather than constantly struggling and competing against them. Men and women naturally seek harmony and balance, a little give and take, and a sharing of common goals, such as raising a family, as a bridge with which to build a bond. Garofalo's in your face, take no prisoners stance is a little extreme, and perhaps even offensive for the average woman. Indeed, what has Garofalo really achieved in her life that would make her worthy of the title of feminist role model? Living life on her own terms? Good for her, but hardly a new concept.

  • She would make a poor role model.

    I really did like Janeane Garofalo's sense of humor on her handful of comedy specials, she had a unique point of view. But at some point in the early 00's, her act started getting weird. She started doing less humor and more bitter ranting. And I don't think any bitter ranter should be a role model.

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