Do you think Janoris Jenkins is worth the money the New York Giants are paying him?

  • It's called the free market

    Football players are worth what they're paid. The same is true of actors and other people in the entertainment industry. If anything, football players deserve to make millions more than any of those other people. They shorten their lifespans for the sake of out entertainment, and the best players do so with incredible grace and intelligence. Jenkins is no exception, and all the power to him for such a great contract.

  • Janoris Jenkins New York Giants Millionaire

    Janoris Jenkins is worth the money that he is getting paid. Football is a dangerous sport he could hurt himself at any moment and be out of the game for the rest of his life. What he is getting paid is worth it. If he is injured he has to keep living and paying bills.

  • His fire goes out in the fourth quarter!

    The Giants are going to look very foolish if they miss the playoffs for the fifth year in a row after giving a 62.5 million dollar contract over 5 years to a cornerback. Granted, everybody knows that at the end of the day the best defense wins football games (that's why the Broncos won Super Bowl 50), so it's good that the Giants are investing in defensive players. But Jenkins has a reputation for getting beat by receivers on key plays late in the game!

  • No. Really? Just no.

    It's a ridiculous amount that could feed a small country for someone who catches and chases a ball. He's even said that he needs to work on not being so lazy at the end of the game. Worth that much? No way. I don't even think he's worth half that much money.

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