• Yes, Japan will get out of its recession.

    Japan is currently in a recession, an economic state that it is very familiar with. The economy in Japan will recover slowly, but it will recover. They have relied very heavy on economic sectors like, technology. Technology is always evolving, though at times there are lulls where new products aren't popular. Eventually, technology will bring back Japan's economy.

  • Everything goes as it should

    I think anyone can get out of anything. Even something as tough as a recession. Japan has gotten out of and gotten through a lot worse. If they have the support from their community and fellow countries, I think everything will definitely work out in their favor. GO JAPAN! :)

  • well, yes, eventually

    Everybody goes through a recession at some point. I don't think there is any country that has not had at least one. I am sure at some point Japan will get out of the recession that they are in. I can't really say when though, it could be decades, years, or months.

  • Japan will get get out of their recession.

    The economy is a hot topic for most everyone these days. From The USA, to Greece, all the way around the world to Japan. However the Japanese people have already begun talks, with plans on holding elections, and getting new officials started on the task of tackling their financial problem. Don't worry, they will get it figured out.

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