Do you think Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé are the pinnacle of African American achievement in the United States?

  • The pinnacle of success

    Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé are the pinnacle of all success in the US, not just African-American success, and people should not need to make the distinction between the two kinds of success. African Americans are Americans and are part of the population and group of people in the US.

  • Agree And Disagree

    While both Jay-Z and Beyonce are the pinnacle of African American achievement in the United States they are also a great example of success for young people in America period, regardless of race. I would consider them role models and I am as white as they come. Unfortunately their success is not common in America and many people are not afforded the opportunities and talent that they have.

  • Real success is not music

    What the black community needs is more examples of educated black people with jobs that benefit society. Not singers and football player, they have limited possibility for the average black person. JayZ and B are not generous to charity and that makes them a terrible example. These people are selfish.

  • Jay-Z and Beyonce vs President Barack Obama and First Lady Michele Obama

    Jay-z and Beyonce are wildly popular. They represent fortune and fame within the African American culture today. However, being successful in the music industry is not an honor that is held exclusively by them. There have been many other African Americans who have achieved more than the individuals. 2-Pac continues to be more successful than Jay-Z, and he's dead. Whitney Houston still holds the prestige of the most successful African American Female talent, and she's also dead. Perhaps if Jay-Z and Beyonce died, they would be the pinnacle of African American Achievement within the Music Industry. This still does not compare to being the first African American president (even if it is only half) and his wife who is well accomplished herself.

  • No, they are performers but that's all.

    Anyone, black or white, who has followed a career path and contributed something to the world has reached a pinnacle of achievement as far as I am concerned. Money and fame are nice but they are not the be all and end all, and there are lots of black professionals achieving today.

  • You mean more successful than the President?

    Of course I don't think that Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé are the pinnacle of African American achievement in the United States. They are brilliant entertainers to be sure, but there were many such African American entertainers before them, and there will be after them. Barack & Michelle Obama are right now the pinnacle of such achievement.

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