Do you think Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé chose a good baby name with Blue Ivy?

  • Yes, it's as good as any.

    With young celebrities these days having babies and naming them things that no one years ago would have ever considered a name, this one just blends in. In its way it is pretty, and it is certainly better than names such as Apple or North or other even sillier names.

  • Yes,I think Jay-Z and Beyonce choose a good baby name.

    Yes,I think Jay-Z and Beyonce did a good job when they named their baby Blue Ivy.When somebody is a celebrity they can't just give up on good publicity because they have a baby.Instead they can make the baby part of the show by giving it a unique name like Blue-Ivy.

  • Beautiful & Unique

    Ultimately, naming a child is up to the parents. I believe Jay-Z and Beyonce choose a beautiful name that is very unique for their child. I probably wouldn't pick the name for my own child, but that honestly does not matter as it is their child. Overall I would say it is a good name.

  • It's a stupid name.

    No, I don't think Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé chose a good baby name with Blue Ivy? Nor do I think they particularly care what I think. But since I'm sharing anyway, I think these celebrity morons who choose awful creative names for their kids tend to forget that kids get beaten up by their classmates for being so different.

  • No, they did not

    Celebrities have a pretty good track record of picking stupid names for their children, this is no different. It comes from being a celebrity, no "regular" name will do, it has to be unique and the best there is! End result almost every single time is something that's dumb to call somebody.

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