• Yes, They will but Jay-Z only because of Beyonce

    Ive noticed some people thinking their fame is just a fad but thats not true. A fad is short-lived. Beyonce was a big icon in the 2000s and has been sucessful in the 2010s so this would be like saying Madonna was a fad. I can list 3-5 songs of beyonce (Crazy in Love, Irreplacable, Single Ladies, Halo, Sweet Dreams) and 1-2 of Destinys Child (Say My Name) that are potential classics ( Actually Crazy in love is already 12 years old and still remembered). Moving on to Jay-Z by 20 years he will be a legend to young rap listeners and known due to his marriage with Beyonce.

  • Yes, but Jay-Z only because of Beyonce

    Ive noticed people calling them "fad stars" but thats completely wrong. Fads are short lived and (at least beyonce) is probably one of the most iconic people of the 2000s and has so far had sucess in the 2010s. I dont think every kid in america will be crazy about them but i can list 3-5 songs of beyonce (Crazy in Love, Irreplacble, Single Ladies, Halo, Sweet Dreams) and maybe 1 or 2 from Destinys Child (Say My Name) that will probably be remembered. Jay-Z will be remembered by the public because of his marriage to Beyonce and for the people who listen to it an old school rapper (by then). Ill also take a moment to assume all of you are at least 30 and think all music today is trash.

  • Their works lack identity

    They do not have something distinct that make it easy to differentiate than the other pop music around. In the end, it will still be pop music. In 20 years time, as they stop making newer music the market will move on to other new singers and artists. There is nothing that makes it 'jay-z-ian' or 'beyonce-ian' in their music, nor influences other.

  • Are they relevant now?

    I don't really have an argument, just a snarky comment. Story time!
    So these two guys walk into a bar. The first one says 'I'll have some H2O." The other says "I'll have water too." The first one thinks to himself "Curses, my assassination scheme failed!" They drink their water in silence. The end.

  • When the music stops

    Once these musicians like this couple get older, and slow down on the amount of music that they are pumping out, they will slip out of the spot light, and people will quickly forget them, and new stars will keep coming up and taking their spots, such as Miley Cyrus.

  • No, Jay-Z and Beyonce will not be relevant in 20 years.

    Jay-Z and Beyonce are the current generations fad stars. They don't have the lasting power or the star power of some of the stars that have gone down in history as the greats and are remembered long after they are gone. In 20 years someone new will be the talk of the town and Jay-Z and Beyounce will only be remembered by an old CD sitting in a drawer.

  • They are short-term entertainers.

    No, I do not think that Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce will be relevant in 20 years, because they are just entertainers. There is nothing that they are doing that other people could not do in a similar fashion. They are just a temporary sensation. Their work has nothing unique about it, so it will not be long lasting.

  • Pop culture is always changing.

    No, I don't think Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé will be relevant in 20 years. They're very entertaining people who have become very successful. But pop culture moves on, and very few people stay superstar levels of famous forever. I think in 20 years, they'll just be a married couple raising their family.

  • Maybe Not Relevant

    I have my doubts that Jay-Z and Beyonce will be relevant to youth in 20 years but they will more than likely still be well remembered by those that are youth today and others, like myself, who have watched their careers progress over the last couple of decades. They certainly won't be forgotten in that time period.

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