Do you think Jeb Bush is a viable 2016 U.S. Presidential cadidate?

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  • George W. Bush

    His brother hurt this country too badly. He broke the trust, still fragile from Vietnam, between the people and the president. By trust, I mean the trust that our president will not send our troops into harms way without good reason. It will take a couple generations for people to forget. Until then, the name Bush will be a dirty word.

  • He's a Bush

    He has the same ignorant policies as the rest of his family. Folks are tired of the Bush family who have been mediocre at best in the office of the President, and the Clintons. America is looking for leadership that puts America and American citizens first as opposed to the Chinese, Mexican immigrants and multi-national conglomerates. I do not doubt either the Clinton's or the Bush families love of country, it's just their thinking, perception of the world and what is important.

  • His family ties are not enough.

    Although I think it is likely that many Republicans would get behind Jeb Bush just for being a Bush -- and therefore representing a return to a kind of leadership that they miss -- I do not think that he is well-known or well-liked enough to be a serious candidate. He has experience as the Governor of Florida, but he just doesn't seem to have any aspirations of rising higher in the ranks. Furthermore, his involvement in the whole 2000 election recount debacle, as the brother of the candidate who just barely got enough votes, will make him tremendously unappealing to anyone who is on the fence.

  • No, He Can't Win

    Jeb Bush has two problems. First, his last name brings up eight years of his brother's presidency, which lead to two wars and economic collapse. Plus, he would not be able to get through the G.O.P. primary without sounding like a right wing populist. That process by itself takes so-called "moderates" and turns them into the type of reactionaries the American public would reject.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No He Is Not

    Jeb Bush is very much qualified for the job, but he is not a viable candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. I think the Republicans realize how bad their party is right now and that they need that perfect candidate to steer things in the right direction. Jeb is not that guy.

  • No, we do not need a third member of the Bush family to be president.

    Jeb Bush is probably very well qualified and well known enough to be a candidate, but I don't think he is viable in the sense that a lot of people will be reluctant to vote for him given his family name. The Bush family has financial links to Middle Eastern oil, and when they are in the position to do so, they make themselves and their friends rich. In addition, his brother is well-known for driving this county to the brink of economic ruin, and even Republicans are avoiding him. I think the Republicans will opt for a fresh face with less baggage.

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