• Jeremy London Should Be on Wife Swap

    Jeremy London is more famous than a lot of actors that have been on Celebrity Wife Swap. He should have his chance as other celebrities do. He lives on a ranch in Oklahoma and it will be interesting to see a very wealthy woman work on his ranch. This show gives the public a good sense of how some celebrities can live within their means.

  • Yes, I think that would be a good episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

    Yes, I think that Jeremy London and his wife would be good celebrities to be on Celebrity Wife Swap. They operate a fully functional ranch that they run themselves. It would be entertaining to watch a trophy wife come in and operate the ranch with him. I would watch an episode with him.

  • Yes, it was fine for Jeremy London to appear on Celebrity Wife Swap

    I believe Jeremy London and his wife Juliet benefited from Celebrity Wife Swap as much as any couple can expect to from an experience of this nature. Their marriage already appears solid and their parenting practices of son Wyatt seem admirable however I believe they learned that it is important for them to take a bit of time away from the baby for themselves in order to keep their union strong.

  • Jeremy London Should Be on Celebrity Wife Swap

    Jeremy London has been a TV favorite since his "Party of Five" days. I'd love to know more about his home life on the farm. Getting to know his wife, Juliet, will be a bonus. I'm looking forward to learning about Jeremy's life as a farm owner, husband, and as a dad.

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