• Yes, I think Jessa Duggar Seewald will be a good mother.

    Jessa Duggar Seewald comes from a great family and has a super role model in her mother, so she should turn out to be a fantastic mother. She has also helped raised about a zillion little Duggar siblings, being one of the older female Duggars, so she has a lot of practice/experience "mothering".

  • Since She is very excited about having a baby!

    Jessa Duggar, an actor, after getting married, is expecting a child. She will be a good mother since she is extremely excited to have a baby. Secondly, there is family system in her home which means her baby will grow in a careful, observed environment; being carefully watched by its parents, especially his mother.

  • I agree that Jessa will be a good mother

    I think that Jessa Duggar will be a great mother to her child. Although she is 22 in age, I think that she has the ability and the loving personality to care for a child. She also has the added benefit of having a lovely husband to help her as well.

  • She has what it takes to be a great mother.

    Yes. She is a kind and warm hearted person. She deserves a chance to show these attributes to her child and to the world. We should not judge too soon but wait and see what happens. She will prove to all detractors that she is a kind hearted, compassionate and truly loving human being.

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