• NO, of course not

    The Jesus described in the bible is a myth. He is no different than any other magical being (Vishnu, The sun gods of ancient cultures, Santa Clause). Jesus is not exempt from common sense or logical thinking just because many people think he is a real person. I don't doubt that Jesus is based on a real person who was probably very charitable, but wasn't a magician.Logic over ignorance is the way to go my friends.

  • The Case for Christ: Yes! He does exist.

    Regardless of whether you believe in Jesus, History (including historical non-religious texts), Archaeology, Civilizations across the World, Science, Nature and Religious texts (both Christian and non-Christian) all point to evidence that Jesus existed.

    If this were tried in a court of law, there is both direct and circumstantial evidence all pointing to the existence of Jesus Christ.

    It is ironic that many people invest so much time trying to disprove the existence of Jesus. In fact, Jesus predicted that many will not believe in Him.

    This fascination and sometimes obsession with challenging the existence of Jesus is strong evidence of the impact Jesus still has on this world.

    We're still talking about it over 2,000 years later (both Christians and non-Christians). People are free to believe what they want.

    If Jesus did not exist, stop talking about Him.

  • The historical community and most scholars all agree he existed.

    We have numerous historical reports from Joshephus, Pliny the Younger, Tertullian, and even the Pharissees and Temple authorities of the day who confirm that he was a real man who worked miracles, was crucified, and they also confirm that there was darkness and an earthquake when he died. No person of history would deny the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. Thank you and God bless.

  • Probably he did,

    Which doesn't mean he was the son of God. He could just have been a good speech maker. I don't think he did any of the things he's supposed to have done. It is imposable to come back from death. He was probably a good leader and people followed him. All other stuff are legend.

    Posted by: Xem
  • The man Jesus,who was filled with ,the spirit/words of the Lesser Jehovah Exists no longer as a man.

    The man Jesus was the biological son of a man by the name of Joseph, who was sired by Alexander Helios [HELI] the husband of Hanna, who was the mother of Mary.
    Hanna was the youngest daughter of Jehosuah/Jesus, who was high priest in Jerusalem from 36 to 23 BC, he was also the father to Elizabeth, who was the mother of John the Baptist and aunty to Mary of the tribe of Levi, who was the mother of the man Jesus, who was chosen as the first fruits from the body of mankind.
    Posted by Frank.

  • Historical references of Jesus are considered evidence of His existence.

    Historicity refers to the actuality of an event, besides the Pauline sources (biblical) and the synoptic Gospel, there were other persons who were not christians who recorded that Jesus was an actual persons, recorded what he did for example Josephus a Jewish historian recorded him as a "magician" who led Israel astray, Pliny the younger and Tacitus also mentioned the events of the Crucifixion, and that he was crucified.
    History was also divided in to the BC and AD period BC: before Christ, and AD: anno Domini ie translated from latin means "in the year of our Lord" That the entire of recorded time is divided by the advent of Christ is also an evidence of His existence. Since Archeology is a science, there are written scripts that mention Jesus, these would be copies of original letters, there is also the Bible, which all historians view as a historical book, albeit with a Christian bias... That it is considered Historical is not mean feat, other religious books are mostly considered mythical in content... Which means that the Bible is a source of historical facts... Even with its christian bias

  • Yes he existed BUT

    He was not the son of "God" He was some nut job who could immpress lower inelegance and then his story was stretched throughout time. I dont even think there is a god but there is actual genetic evidence that jesus did exist. But by the logic of him being a mirical worker is like all the species on earth fitting onto one boat

  • There is no doubt

    Jesus existed and still exist! The fact is that many people don't take him seriously nor do they search for him in their hearts nor have a moment with him of course you can't see him but you can believe in him, soon he is coming for this corrupted world, many won't believe and may will be deceived. We should all know that if it weren't for him none of us wouldn't be here,

  • He does exist

    I am an atheist and he does exist. What miracles he performed are HIGHLY questionable and weather if he was really the son of god or not. There have been multiple evidences through multiple texts, and he is the main cause for Christianity! So, regardless of your belief, he did exist.

  • Some supporting evidence

    There is a little--very little, actually--supporting evidence from the time of Jesus, but enough to make it likely that some itinerant preacher of the name Yeshua/Jesus was wandering around Galilee and Judea at the time of Herod Antipas. As with most of the other messianic King-of-the-Jews preachers of the time, he was probably disposed of as a dissident.

  • Not as written.

    Though there could have been, and probably was a person by that name that inspired the biblical stories, e.g. a moral man called Jesus, there was no person by that name or any other with godlike supernatural powers, e.g. the son of God Jesus. History is full of self-proclaimed prophets and Jesus would have been no different. Like him, the others too had many followers who believed in them. The bible it'self is littered with references to false prophets and things have continued. Here is a short list of other prophets, some had many followers and ended in self sacrifice as well.
    Seeing that there is no evidence that there was a person named Jesus with supernatural abilities as described in the Bible. The biblical Jesus did not exist, just a man called Jesus.

  • Can you Prove it?

    Can you prove his existence with out using the bible or the writings of Titus Flavius Josephus? For some one performing miracles of this magnitude you would think there would be more documentation. In fact how do we believe anything in the bible really happened? Show me the real evidence of your claim.

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