• Jesus would do great.

    I think Jesus would do great in today's world. Nobody would believe that he was a god, unless he actually proved it several times over, but he seems to have had a good, caring personality. In today's world, he'd simply be seen as a good man and philanthropist. Nothing more.

  • Yes despite what atheists and "smart" people think

    He can multiply food. He can turn plain water to wine. He can cure incurable diseases. He can make money appear. He knows all languages.
    A lot of atheists would want to kill Jesus and so would racists but guess what you can't. He can slip between people and elude harm.
    He would be smarter than people and yes he would know what an outlet was. He knows the future. Stick him in a strait jacket and pump him full of drugs and he would escape within the hour.
    But of course you people think he is just a man and that will be why you will lose in this hypothetical scenario. If it was some brute in the past they would but you people think to highly of yourselves because you can swipe a phone.

  • Jesus would be even better

    Jesus is someone who was perfect in many different ways. In this day and age we need someone like him to show us what we are doing wrong. Many people have forgotten their beliefs and he should be able to steer people in the right direction. I think he would be what todays world needs more then ever. Countries all want to fight each other, instead it would be nice to have someone spread the word of something better.

  • Yes, Jesus would survive in today's world

    I believe that Jesus would not only survive in today's world, he would have done better than he did in his own time. As the song "Jesus Christ Superstar" puts it, "If you'd come today, you would have reached a whole nation. Israel in 4 B.C. had no mass communication." Imagine how quickly and irresistably Christianity would have spread around the world if Jesus could have used television and the Internet to spread his message, instead of word of mouth or texts that were sparsely disseminated. And if Jesus had performed his miracles live on television, he would have had many more believers from the start, believers with unshakeable faith in him.

  • He'd be Institutionalized if he made the same claims as he did then:

    People believing strongly in their own narcissism and hallucinations usually find themselves in a Psychiatric Hospital.
    He'd have to not make the same claims and deny everything he wouldn't deny then to stay free. This is the difference between then and now, because he didn't survive then, he was either crucified or stoned to death, there is no real proof of either method of execution.

  • Jesus would have trouble adapting to today's society.

    I believe that in today's world, Jesus would have trouble surviving in today's world. Even though a good number of people in the world practice some branch of Christianity, with the prevalence of government corruption and personal greed, Jesus would still have trouble communicating the message of the Bible in today's world. Additionally, I also feel that the number of atheists and people who chose to not identify with a religion increasing, Jesus would still have trouble preaching a message.

  • He Didn't Survive In His World

    His name did, but not his body or mind. That being said, according to Jesus's philosophy, he would of been one ticked off man. With the way people have abused his word is amazing. Jesus did not hate poor people the way today's society does. Jesus was accepting to everyone, even his enemies. He would of been quite disappointed, to say the least.

  • No, because Jesus was Middle Eastern.

    He wasn't white like everyone always portrays him as. He would likely face Islamophobia (even if he isn't Muslim, middle eastern and Muslim have become synonyms in today's world), prejudice and discrimination if he appeared today. Hell, President Donald probably wouldn't even let him in the country, for gods' sake.

  • He wouldn't understand anything

    First of all, how would Jesus get money, and know how to use anything. For all we know, he would try to talk to a stuffed toy, walk into other people's cars on the road to preach, and poke his finger into an electrical socket, and die. His lack of know-how of modern devices would injure, imprison, or kill him, before he could preach.

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