Do you think JK Rowling should write an eighth book in the Harry Potter series?

Asked by: namit3157
  • Yes I do

    I love harry potter books and so do a lot of people so I think it would be go if j.K rowling made an 8th book so harry potter fans would flip but I also think there should be a trilogy of there kids instead of an 8th book so.Yes

  • She could go on about the next generation.

    There is still a lot to explore from the wizarding world. Joanne Rowling could write at least another trilogy on Harry's kids. She could develop Ron and Hermione's kids as well and write about the sorting of the next generation. Also, we could get more information on the fates of the characters that we knew from the first seven books.

  • Award winning series

    Lots of people love that award Winning series and it would be epic and the box office would be booming for a ninth movie (because of the deathly hallows part 1 & 2). J.K Rowling has made the most popular and appreciated book series that people of all ages enjoy.

  • I love harry potter!!!!!!!!

    JK Rowling is an amazing writer and if she stops that would be terrible! So far i am only on Harry Potters fifth year so i don't know how it ends. But what i do know is that Harry Potter is awesome and the farther you read the better it gets! Although if JK Rowling doesn't write anymore i might be ok with that. But i will NEVER stop reading Harry Potter i am a huge fan!!

  • Harry Potter and The Time Beginners

    Things ended really well and people I am sure would love to see how his children grew up. For those who saw the ending to the last movie we had a chance to see his children hop on the train to the school. Most people wonder even now if his children are having even a fraction of his adventures he had. I mean come on Harry had some ride in the story and to see how his children fair to his time at Hogwarts would be a site to see. Needless to say I do not think it would ruin the movie. More over it would enhance the story line and thicken the plot for a new generation of fantasy lovers.

  • Harry Potter has already been wrung out.

    Honestly, I never thought Harry Potter was interesting to begin with. A cliche story of a bunch of kids who somehow are better at magic than all the adults they meet. Sounds like your typical 90s JRPG plot. I see no value in stringing the series out further than it already has been.

  • The series is complete

    I dont think at all that JK Rowling should write another Harry Potter book since the story involved Harry and Voldemort basically. We all know that Voldemort was killed and Harry avenged his parents' death and all so basically I dont see any need to write another book now since the book is about Harry Potter not Harry Potter and His Children! And there can be no such adventurous journey as was Harry's!

  • Hell No You shouldn't..

    If no one read the first, second, or third book. And nobody even knew there was a fourth or fifth book let alone a sixth and seventh. Who the hell is gone go out and buy the eighth book? That's paper and trees horribly wasted for 498 pages of pure and utter crap. And 9 times out of 10 no bodies gonna even make it past the dedication page cuz its just goonna be that god damn boring. So in my opinion no you should'nt. Just sayin..

  • Harry potter was, is and will always be part of my life but..

    These books are sooooo AMAZING, that if you try to continue, the story may be ruined.
    You can only go so far into something before it gets ruined.
    It is better to leave while you are at the top.
    Leaving Harry Potter at the top is the best for everyone, even us, crazy, will reference HP at least 10 times a day, fans.

  • Maybe not another BOOK

    JK Rowling shouldn't put another book in the series. Harry and the Hogwarts gang have already completed their journey. What i think should happen is she should write a totally seperate series/book from Harry's children's point of view. It would be so cool because it would be a totally different plot and it would mention events in their parent's lives which would provide the long-time Potterheads more closure because the original characters are being mentioned and more of their lives are being written about. Like how they parent, where they live, more of their families. Basically it would include a new interesting book/series and an extended Epilogue.

  • The series is complete.

    There would be no need at all for J.K. Rowling to add another book tot he Harry Potter series. This series was constructed so well and planned out thoroughly and is obviously very successful. The ending was finalized and even though we would all love more of Harry Potter, maybe a companion series told from other characters point of views or even new characters would be much more better, as adding another book to the HP series would ruin the impact as the story is already finished.

  • Harry's Journey Is Over

    The series was and still is a fantastic read. However, harry's job in the wizard world is done. If Rowling is to write another book, the focus should be on one of the kids in the next generation. Sometimes, a book should stop at a certain point, when the idea is over-done, it looses whatever charm it once had.

  • The epilogue was horrible enough.

    The books were fairly decent, though the quality started degrading into cliche and fanservice in the last two books. But I could have happily taken the seventh book as the end of the series- if she hadn't written that appalling epilogue.
    It read like a 13 year old's fanfiction. He marries the girl who looks like his mother (creepy), for which there was no real relationship development and no real reason for them to be in love. He names his kids after his dead parents and two men who manipulated him horribly. Trite, awful nonsense. If that was the quality of the work she was going to continue with, it's best she left it alone.

  • Allow me to quote Frostez00's post:

    'Things ended really well'

    It sure did. I certainly wouldn't be against a book to exist in the same universe, but I don't see a reason to continue Harry Potter's story, because his story is finished. And even on the matter of J.K Rowling returning to her work on Harry Potter, I wouldn't want her to return to the world unless she wanted to. I don't want her to write because we want her to, but I want her to write because she wants to. The best story is nothing without inspiration to put heart into it.

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