• Paying for Planned Parenthood Is Not for Everyone

    I don't want my tax dollars funding the murder of unborn babies, and I applaud Govern Kasich for defunding Planned Parenthood. Even the name of that evil agency seeks to cover-up what they really do. They should call it Baby Butchers, Inc. People who want to fund that should have the right to do so on their own, but the rest of us should not be forced to pay up.

  • John Kasich was correct to have defunded Planned Parenthood

    John Kasich was correct to have defunded Planned Parenthood if for no other reason, and it is an important one at that, there is no constitutional basis for using taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood. The organization should stand on its own tow feet from a financial perspective. Taxpayer dollars have no place in funding this, or other like organizations.

  • Planned Parenthood is an important in the pillar of community health.

    Planned Parenthood is about more than pro-choice options for women; the organization's mission reaches far beyond what most people realize, facilitating community health programs, conducting tests for STDs and HIV and informing young people and women about healthy relationships. To eliminate the funding for an organization that strives to better the health of the community, is a horrible disservice to Americans.

  • Purely political move.

    The move to de-fund Planned Parenthood shows that John Kasich is just as much of a shill to the Republican base as all of the other candidates running for President. He may present himself as a moderate, but he is certainly willing to involve the government in religious law the way other Republicans want to do.

  • Another anti-abortion move to block a woman's choice.

    Some people (especially GOP and religious conservatives) are convinced that *they* have the right to decide whether a woman gets an abortion or not. They do not have a majority they need to block abortions legally, so they will try to eliminate the providers. Women may legally have the freedom to choose, but that freedom is moot if there are no clinics willing to perform the abortion.

  • Helps the community.

    Planned Parenthood provides many health services to low income earners in their community. They provide cancer screenings, birth control, as well as abortions. The birth control and abortions services are especially important as they allow poor women to control when they have children contributing to stability which helps the local economy.

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