Do you think John Oliver's run on "The Daily Show" compares to Jon Stewart's performance?

  • Yes, I do.

    I love John Stewart and I have watched his show for years, but I thought that John Oliver did an amazing job hosting The Daily Show. I would really like to see him host his own show someday. Stephen Colbert got his start on the John Stewart show and he is now very successful. I think that John Oliver could be another success story.

  • Yes, he was suprisingly good.

    John Oliver was an amazing replacement for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show this past summer. I do not like him as much when he is doing stand up comedy, but he had just the right amount of pizzazz, satire, and good will to be a comic host and truly rivaled his mentor.

  • John Oliver Made Jon Stewart's Show Palatable

    John Oliver's so-called "field reporting" helped make Jon Stewart's show a household name in America. Oliver is getting his own HBO show in April, and kudos to him. Hopefully, Oliver's time will be just as successful as Stewart's. Oliver's run is just as viable as Stewart's many years on Comedy Central.

  • Completely different ideas

    No, I do not think that John Oliver's run on the Daily Show compares to Jon Stewart's performance. Jon Stewart works simply as a political critic, and the only thing he does is question the programs put in place today, and whether or not they will work or if they wont.

  • No it does not

    I personally prefer Jon Stewart's performance on The Daily Show over John Oliver's because to me Stewart was more funnier and he seem to be more accustomed to that spot more so than Oliver. So no I do think they compare well because they have different attitudes and senses of humor.

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