• John Stossel makes sense.

    He gives facts behind the stories. For example with the Paris agreement. No body is saying he is wrong about the content of the agreements signed by countries like China, India, And Pakistan. Moreover, Climate has always been changing. What made it change before man’s influence in the past 75 years?

  • He's The Other Side

    John Stossel has been vocal in pleading his case for denying humans impact on the global warming we do experience. He points out other known times in the past that were known to be warmer than other times. There is a known period, particularly in Europe when the temperatures were higher. I believe his stances deserve more consideration, but that doesn't mean he's absolutely correct.

  • Stossel is just selling his made-up version of the "truth". Climate Change is influenced by the buring of fossil fuel over the last hundred years.

    Most "reporters-editorialists" want to make a name for themselves so they pick a 'niche' and find out what they can say about it that will "make the most noise" --in my opinion. This is a wonderful topic just ripe for POLITICAL DEBATE. It should not be as so many scientists and environmentalists do logically conclude after looking at the science of CO2 and other gases in our oceans and air that we have a much dirtier environment and with the proven greenhouse effect that global weather is affected!

  • Not looking at all the data

    Just picking some of the data and critiquing is silly. There are people that smoke that live to 90 years old, But that does not mean smoking won’t lead to health problems and death in the majority of people. Stossel uses the same type of junk science in his reasoning

  • John Stossel is harming efforts made by the government to slow global warming.

    John Stossel admits he is a skeptic about the existence of global warming. His statements are trying to prevent knowledge about global warming. His statements are trying to prevent the government from intervening in corporation's and private sector's efforts to slow global warming. His statements indicate a level of denial and a lack of desire to become well-informed.

  • John Stossel Thinks Global Warming is Wrong

    John Stossel's view is that this past winter of 2013-2014 proves global warming doesn't exist. He couldn't be more wrong. Global warming leads to an eventual Ice Age that could last decades or centuries. The reason is that warmer temperatures make ocean currents shut down and cold water sets in over much of Earth's waterways. That cold water acts as a huge cooling mechanism that freezes the planet much as it did 10,000 years ago before human intervention made the planet's weather go bonkers. Stossel calls global warming a "myth." He's wrong. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are myths. Unlike those mythological creatures, all one has to do is look outside to see the effects of global warming. Seeing is believing, folks.

  • No not really.

    I do not agree with John Stossel's view on global warming because it is a real problem and we should be worried about our earth and the place that we live. It is our environment and we need to keep it clean and healthy but instead we trash it and act like it is nothing.

  • He is wrong

    No, I do not agree with John's view on global warming, because he says that it is not a threat, and that we should just let it go. But global warming is serious, and the entire climate of this world will soon be changed because of it if it is not stopped.

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