Do you think John Travolta and Olivia John-Newton should make new Grease movie about high school reunion?

Asked by: Secely24
  • Since I love Grease....

    I think they should make a new one. I have always wonder how it would look if they show what happened next between Danny and Sandy! I want to know if they got married and had kids. I also would like to see chronological stories of their life story too.

  • The movie ended, leave it to your imagination

    The movie is over, don't turn it into one of those movies where they make pointless sequels. Not to mention, most adults don't like going to their own class reunions, why would they want to watch a movie about it? Like the person above me said, John Travolta probably can barely walk anymore. I just feel like it would make a mockery almost of Grease. They should leave it as is.

  • It hurts to imagine it

    I don't even think John Travolta can walk anymore let alone sing. No doubt about it would be a big hit, but they will make one and it will be terrible and it would really ruin the movie. What would you rather
    your favorite movie become one of the biggest jokes of Hollywood or your favorite movie be the greatest part of Hollywood History

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